CoFoundersLab: online matchmaking for entrepreneurs launches FannedUp - Philly


Jul. 20, 2012 10:00 am

CoFoundersLab: online matchmaking for entrepreneurs launches FannedUp

It's billed as a sports-focused social network.


Though still in stealth mode, FannedUp, billed as a sports-focused social network, is already the most prominent local success story for CoFoundersLab, the D.C. based online matchmaking tool for entrepreneurs that has been in Philadelphia less than 18 months.

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This week, Carlton Bowers, who has been building FannedUp this year with Joe Dickinson after meeting through the service, spoke about his experience on the CoFoundersLab blog. He also spoke about the experience in Philly:

Finding a co-founder in Philly is actually not as challenging as people might think. The startup community is definitely on the rise, and many people are participating in its growth. We are constantly hosting events through PSL and PTM, and it’s not too difficult to get started on your journey as an entrepreneur. Over the past several months alone, I’ve made countless acquaintances that have given me helpful advice on starting a company. However, if you’re a first-timer and don’t have someone to tell you about all that the Philly startup community has to offer, you may seem a bit lost. Actually, the reason I found out about all of the startup life in Philly was because my business partner, Joe, told me about it after I met him via CoFoundersLab. [more]

CoFoundersLab may soon feature a paid premium model but now has a free version and open monthly meetups like one being held in University City next Wednesday. In addition to Philly and D.C., the group organizes in eight other places and has more than 500 members in Philadelphia alone.

Christopher Wink

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