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Jun. 13, 2011 2:00 pm

Naked Philly outed as OCF Realty, to launch real estate tool

According to folks at OCF Realty, real estate technology hasn’t changed much in recent years: clients give agents a set of criteria and the real estate agents use a program (typically Trend) to return a set of listings. Founded in 2008, the Graduate Hospital-based agency set out last year to make a better listing service, […]

According to folks at OCF Realty, real estate technology hasn’t changed much in recent years: clients give agents a set of criteria and the real estate agents use a program (typically Trend) to return a set of listings.

Founded in 2008, the Graduate Hospital-based agency set out last year to make a better listing service, based on a map that would geocode listings so realtors could no longer fudge the neighborhood in which a given property was located.

According to OCF founder Ori Feibush, the service will complete the original vision for Naked Philly as alluded to in March by then-anonymous site editor Caitlin Conners. OCF says it will populate the map with Naked Philly content to help buyers see the narrative of each of the city’s neighborhoods and act as a service to find listings from OCF and other city realtors.

The site also aims to eliminate the ambiguity with the city’s neighborhood boundaries that often lead to realtors liberally applying neighborhood names with higher values to properties outside of those traditional neighborhood bounds.

“Every realtor cheats,” says OCF’s Feibush, who has also opened up a series of coffee houses in neighborhoods poised for development.

In a conversation earlier this month with Technically Philly, Feibush said that the mapping tool cost “well into the six figures” to make and will augment the content on Naked Philly that receives over 8,000 daily views.

“It’s been far more challenging that I have ever imagined,” says Feibush.

Naked Philly outed

After launching in January, the writers of Naked Philly had been anonymously blogging under the pseudonym of “Mr. Fox.” It’s something OCF calls a happy accident and something they decided to embrace after being asked who was behind the site.


OCF was then outed in early May by PlanPhilly writer Amy Z. Quinn after Quinn accused the blog of plagiarizing her material and criticized the site’s anonymity in light of the site’s “We’ve got nothing to hide” tagline. After discussing the incident with Quinn, Feibush says he wasn’t happy about Quinn’s subsequent blog post.

“She has no professional integrity at all. You can quote me on that,” says Feibush claiming that he was told all of his comments would be off the record. “It was blatantly apparent [our work] wasn’t plagiarism.”

When reached for comment, Quinn asserted that while parts of the conversation were on background, she made it clear that she would be writing a piece linking OCF to Naked Philly.

Disclosure: We are friendly with Quinn and one of of Technically Philly’s co-founders just capped off a year working at PlanPhilly. Technically Media also has business relationships with PlanPhilly and its staff.


Sean Blanda is an adviser to, the local technology news network, having cofounded its flagship Technically Philly in February 2009. He is a media consultant, engagement editor for Behance and lives in Brooklyn, NYC.

  • Some of us in the real estate community already knew this but figured a piece like this would be written. I do not know the details about the Amy Quinn bit, but Naked Philly has done well in delivering content to readers, where Brownstoner left off.

    Now that people know they are connected with a Realty company, it will be interesting to see if that hurts readership or if people do not care. It certainly does not matter to me.

  • So this site ripped off a journalists work and then claims she has no integrity? That makes TOTAL sense.

  • Kitty Kat

    he’s bullshitting about how much the site cost “6 figures”?!?!?! we all kno ur fibbing… PROVE IT!

    (O.C.F. obnoxious cunning Fox)

    • Sean Blanda

      I edited the personal attacks from your comment. Please keep comments on topic and to the point of the story.

  • Kotaro

    i live near this guys office on south street and i am getting really sick of seeing those offensive, conceited, and foolish {O>C>F>} signs all over my neighborhood… like..we get it hunny, you love your self and want everybody to know that by putting oversized signs around your office, when you drive to work you get a feeling of.. hopefully nausea, but prob a sensation of worth right?

    just a little feedback for u “foxy” folks that light up my entire bedroom with your 30 foot neon OCF sign every friggin night.

  • Christopher: Thank you. You are right…many in the real estate community knew I owned NakedPhilly. I don’t think there was much of a secret but I’ll work on putting my office’s logo on the site over the coming few days. I doubt anyone cares who owns the site as it has no relation to our office beyond funding but time will tell. We may end up with more readers or less but we look forward to continuing to fill our many readers screens with fun bits about the real estate world.

    Jen: I would encourage you to juxtapose Amy’s two stories with that of our writer. I’m certainly not an expert on the subject but dispute the statement that we ripped anything off from her. That being said….it was a story on cupcakes for God sake! I stand by my comment on Amy but don’t think it’s an appropriate forum to discuss our conversation.

    Kitty Kat: Please take my comment on web development costs for what they are. I wasn’t boasting and gave an answer to a direct question. The site has been under development for nearly a year and is something I’m incredibly proud of. We challenged our programmers every step of the way and forced them to build something that had never been created in the real estate community. For the record, the search side of the site will not be specific to our properties and won’t list OCF ahead of any other listings so please save your breath. My office spent a fortune, built something insanely unique (the map, not the blog) and hope you’ll enjoy using it. If not…that’s OK too.

    Sean: Thank you.

    Kotaro: We have one sign and it’s been there for 60 years. It used to say MAB Paints and now it says OCF Realty. Our team works incredibly hard and yes…I am very proud when I see an OCF Realty sign. It stands for a lot.

    • Kotaro

      I lived here for 12 years and they never had their sign lit past operating hours Ori. Pull the plug

    • David Burton

      Interesting paragraph on his website- Ironic?

      “I did mention transparency, didn’t I? In fact, we’re so open, we’ve built our entire office out of glass. And there’s one other kind of glass that means something to me: the mirror. Because if I can look at myself at the end of the day, I’ll know I’ve done my job for you.”
      -Mr. Fox aka OCF

  • Technically Philly, gratz and good job on reporting, moderating comments, and disclosing you own knowledge and connections on the topic.

  • Sue Weinman

    I am surprised that this site is associated with a realty company as it seems to review things. But ultimately who cares. It does a decent job and now that the truth is out we can call them on it if there is an issue. I like Naked Philly and still do.

    OCF also appears to do a good job in the neighborhood. No the signs do not bother me. Every other realestate office puts signs on their available properties. have you seen all the prudential, southebys or Keller signs? there’s nothing out of the ordinary at that.

    Before someone asks I have absolutely no affiliation with OCF, have never used their services and would not know who the owners were if i ran over them with a truck. Which wouldn’t be on purpose. Since i don’t drive there is no fear in that coming to play.

  • Kotaro

    OCF are sneaky businessmen and their signs are annoying. Drive by their office at 11pm and imagine living there. I want to see the stars at 11pm not some stupid neon sign blaring Ory Charles Feibush’s name!!! Nobody is looking up and getting inspiration from the sign that late. It’s a disgrace that those people would force their branding upon my family and children that late at night. Its such a beautiful block to live on, its sad that they have to ruin it for us.

    And as far as Naked Philly is concerned, its a website that gossips. But how can we be sure that the company that is hiring the gossipers is the same company that will keep their own gossip concealed.

    “Be the gossiper and nobody will catch on to your own slick actions.”

    • OK…you’ve got my attention, I’ll play along.

      Sneaky businessmen….I would suggest you tread carefully. I am in this business for the long hall and find your baseless libel to fall somewhere between stupidity and well, stupidity. You want me to be more transparent? Ok, done. Your turn. Please stop attacking my business from an anonymous handle.

      Amy Z “found out” that I owned Naked Philly by asking me. I told her. The idea that it was a high level secret that was uncovered is laughable.

      What have you done for our neighborhood Kotaro? You’ve been here for a dozen years right? Do me a favor and pull up 2054 South Street on Google Maps. I ruined the block? Really? I mean really?? How about 2001 Federal Street? That building was pretty before I took it over right? 19th & Montrose? 1100 Blocks of Cleveland and Dorrance? 1700 blocks of Annin and Manton?1841 Bainbridge? 1745 South? Yep, not Kenny Gamble or PHA….it was OCF that ruined everything.

      *This comment was edited by TP. Please keep personal insults out of the comments.*

  • For the rest of my life, I will never show any property that Ori Feibush represents. I intentionally boycott him and OCF Realty. I hate Mr. Feibush.

  • Last year, Mr. Feibush asked me to stop emailing him. But now he’s emailing me. I despise Mr. Feibush, and I want him to stop contacting me.

    Subject: FW: Technically Philly Article
    Date: Sun, 19 Jun 2011 13:22:32 -0400

    Mr. Feibush,

    You said to stop emailing you. I have honored your request. So I ask you to stop emailing me.

    Subject: Re: 777 S BROAD ST
    Date: Sat, 1 May 2010 02:34:26 +0000

    Please do not e-mail me again. If you have a problem with anything my office does please call the real estate commission.
    Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T


    John Featherman
    Prudential Fox & Roach, REALTORS®
    210 W. Rittenhouse Sq. #406
    Philadelphia PA 19103
    Office: 215-546-0550
    Direct: 215-790-5221
    Cell: 215-280-7455
    Licensed in Pennsylvania, License #RS277584

    Date: Sun, 19 Jun 2011 13:17:41 -0400
    Subject: Technically Philly Article


    Did you in fact write this?

    “John Featherman on June 18th, 2011
    For the rest of my life, I will never show any property that Ori Feibush represents. I intentionally boycott him and OCF Realty. I hate Mr. Feibush.”


  • ““Every realtor cheats,” says OCF’s Feibush” and he should know first hand how true this is since all you have to do is go to the OCF website and look at his neighborhood map. Amazingly, Point Breeze becomes Lower Graduate Hospital? Here is a link where the sort function was lower graduate hospital, but the property description says Point Breeze, How can Naked Philly provide honest descriptions of neighborhoods, “so realtors could no longer fudge the neighborhood in which a given property was located” when its creators and content editors are guilty of the same offense? I guess that when your family has substantial real estate holdings below Washington Avenue you are granted creative license, so you can give them a better return on their investment?

    I wonder why postings about Mr. Feibush often contain angry statements about his character?

  • Why did the blogger here remove all the comments? There were many interesting statements made about Ori C Feibush. What happened to those comments? Why are they gone?

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