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Mar. 4, 2011 10:30 am

Indy Hall Town Hall: an expansion of community crossover

“All of our growth has been into new industries and interests, and we’re embracing that with a push into the arts and student life,” Hillman said.

Indy Hall isn’t supposed to be about technology for its own sake, but rather about collaboration.

So, now three and a half years old, it is fitting that during the semi-regular Town Hall event Wednesday night, during which co-founders Alex Hillman and Geoff DiMasi debrief on the biggest and smallest of trends of the coworking space, a lasting take away was about pushing into new industries.

“We’re pushing the boundaries of who should be at Indy Hall,” Hillman said.

One of the clearest trends is bringing together “art geeks and tech geeks,” Hillman said, adding that Indy Hall members who have learned to run businesses could perhaps teach artists about sustainability.

“Our values is about being human and that should be more collaborative and develop more relationships with different people, and the art community is a sensible place to start,”said DiMssi, who himself went to art school.

The Old City space has moved on stabilizing a night shift, so later workers and, yes, perhaps even people with day jobs could start taking place in the collaborative work environment that has so far been dominated by designers, developers, coders and their ilk.

“All of our growth has been into new industries and interests, and we’re embracing that with a push into the arts and student life,” Hillman told Technically Philly. “We’re going to have lots of focus on community crossover and linking.”

The Town Hall also some discussion around the Knight Arts Grant proposal
we’re laying the groundwork for that as part of that growth approach as well.

At the last Town Hall, in July, DiMasi and Hillman focused on growth and growing pains.

“If you spent any time here at Indy Hall in the last couple months, you’d know things are good,” Hillman said. “The industries we have here have spread.”

Hillman also talked about a shared general practice doctor, event bartender and other services that a shared community — regardless of industry — could use together. A grad student is devoting her work to changing work place environments, focusing on Indy Hall, and Hillman shared their interest in welcoming more students and faculty into their collaborative space. Indy Hall is developing a partnership with Campus Philly, Hillman added.


New arrivals and JavaScript big shots Amy Hoy and Thomas Fuchs worked with others to provide some new comforts to the building, including new tables and other items that will make the space “more comfy,” Hoy said.

Toward the end, Hillman and DiMasi discussed more about plans for their Knight Art Challenge project, which fits into these projects, he said. Their project, which is a finalist, was focused on building an ‘Indy Hall village,’ Hillman said. They have talked about partnering with the 100k house and other projects about buying a future iteration of the coworking space to also house coworkers.

Those coworkers will be, Hillman noted, as varied in their work and passions as possible.

Below, listen to the meeting, as recorded by Indy Hall member and P’unk Ave staffer Dana Vachon


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