Rudiger J. Ellis, better known as Rudy, is the CEO of Switchboard Live; a cloud computing company that helps businesses manage their live video activations, across multiple platforms, to improve audience reach and engagement.

Rudy has been in various senior leadership roles over the past ten years in both network operations and live streaming services. He was the Director of Streaming Services while at NeuLion for close to 3 years and was responsible for implementing and leading both the Digital Broadcast and Live Services team while at XOS Digital previously.

Switchboard Live is a Techstars backed company​ that ​​enables​​ a single video stream to co-exist across various live streaming and social platforms without requiring additional hardware or software. This B2B SaaS-based cloud product simplifies the workflow of sending live streaming content to over 30+ destinations simultaneously; (i.e. YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Periscope, etc.) via a self-serving user dashboard or robust developer based API. Their platform has been used to amplify viewer reach for multiple events from various businesses and brands such as EA, Alienware, Twitter, Disney Interactive, Monster Energy, Harley Davidson and the Conan O’Brien show.