Matthew Krissel -

Matthew has devoted his career to designing beautiful, high performing buildings and developing idea sharing and design platforms that facilitate new and creative processes. He has combined his interest in computation and technology with a deep understanding of how to connect people, programming, and aspirations in a handful of noted projects, including the award-winning Cellophane House™ featured at the Museum of Modern Art and the Embassy of the United States in London. Matthew has also spearheaded projects for the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, Yale University, Dartmouth College, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, NYU and the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts. In addition to his design work, Matthew has also participated in seminal research projects that have explored high-rise modular housing, energy consumption in the average American home, and design interventions that improve the quality of life for citizens of Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Matthew is  the chair of KieranTimberlake’s Digital Design Visioning Group, Matthew helps foster digital innovation, visualization, and knowledge sharing throughout the firm.


Outside of the firm, Matthew has served on academic design juries at the University of Pennsylvania, MIT, and the University of Texas at Austin, and was the chair of the 2016 AIA New York Design Awards and the 2017 AIA National Innovation Award. He has also lectured across the country and around the world and has recently given talks at the National Institute of Building Sciences, the AIA London’s Committee on Design, Harvard University and the AIA’s Technology in Architectural Practice Conference. Matthew has been interviewed for articles in Architectural Record and Architect magazines, and his contributions to the books Convergence: The Redesign of Design by Randy Deutsch and Workflows: Expanding Territory in the Design and Delivery of Buildings by Richard Garber were published in 2017.

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