Matt Thais -

I work for an amazing company that has an obsession for improving the healthcare experience for employers and their employees. Our leaders are compassionate who believe in doing the right thing — for their customers, their members and their own people. We have a strong culture where everyone has a voice, works hard and has fun doing it.

At Accolade we untangle the complex web of healthcare, creating a single, integrated consumer experience. We unlock the power of data, generating entirely new insight into the unique needs of each person. And we connect the vast world of healthcare technology innovation from across the healthcare industry, enabling highly efficient and personalized healthcare support for each individual. Simpler is better for everyone – for employees, their families, and their employers.

At Accolade, we’re big believers in an employee-focused culture.  Trust is at the center of our cultural cornerstones so we empower individuals and trust that people are personally accountable for their own work. This open environment is how we encourage the most creative and diverse ideas to hatch!

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