Jeremiah De Leon -


“Through determination, willpower, resilience and the powerful
pulse of a heart who seeks change, Jeremiah decided to do
something. He grew up in the foster care system and as a child,
he learned very quickly the importance of adaptation. While
switching from school to school has had an effect on his
academics, his education taught him something more valuable
and that’s our connections with people. His determination and
radiant energy is inspiring. More important, is his heart. He
has the heart of a lion and has learned compassion through
experience. He continues to fight to make his dreams a
reality. Overcoming obstacles is this young man’s forte.”

-Priscilla Celestial

The lifestyle I was given and the path I was shown, had me
convinced that I had nothing to offer this world. In order to
fulfill my potential I knew I had to find my why. The why gives
purpose, gives meaning my why is to inspire. Inspire people to
never give up, no matter what no matter when everyone should
make their dreams a reality. I realized the greatest hope was
within myself, I was the only one with the key to my future the
whole time. Now I walk with people from every race, background
and status. Life has taught me to pivot and adapt to new ideas
and perspective. I learned how to utilize people and resources
to attain the outcomes that were thought impossible.

Life has taught me the art of networking. Life has made me who I am; an entrepreneur.

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