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Clarivate Analytics

Philadelphia, PA
Status: Active

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Clarivate Analytics is in the business of innovation. The global company’s tools leverage its own curated data to serve customers across intellectual property, life sciences and education — among other fields — delivering insights and analytics that help their clients make the best, most-informed decisions they can.

The company’s Philadelphia office, at the corner of 15th and Spring Garden, is in a building that takes up nearly an entire city block. It’s close to restaurants and transit, and the back patio has an epic view of the skyline. Soon, photos taken by employees will adorn the office’s walls, the result of a contest where team members had the opportunity to vote for their peers.

Teams at Clarivate are spread across the globe (a developer in Philly could be working on a team with people in London and Beijing), but even with distributed teams, employees see each other as family. In fact, Clarivate employees support each other’s career growth, resulting in longer-term job stability and overall satisfaction.

While Clarivate is proud to have many industry vets on their team, they’re also always looking to bring newcomers on, as well. They frequently seek Drexel students for co-ops and other stakeholders in Philly’s tech community. The combination of old-school and new-school means they’ve got the best of both worlds on their team, where experience blends with fresh perspectives to create meaningful solutions.

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Culture Checklist

What is driving growth at Clarivate?

Lots of change. The journey of becoming an independent company, developers at Clarivate are migrating to Amazon Web Services and building a new platform. The change means things move quickly, and now they’re building up their teams around the world — they anticipate nearly 50 percent of their new hires this year will be developers from varying experience levels.

Describe the atmosphere at Clarivate.

Semi-corporate, but full of life. The independent, entrepreneurial company sees itself as a “billion-dollar startup” without the stereotypical startup atmosphere. The office is large, with dozens of cubicles personalized with photos, memes and candy bowls, neatly arranged in pods. Bright colors dominate the space. Conference rooms and offices buzz with energy, and small groups gather in breakout rooms to work together.

What’s the dynamic like among technical teams?

Like much of their work, it’s fast-paced. Developers at Clarivate work in Agile Scrum in a 3/12 structure — three to 12 people working on a project for three to 12 weeks. Regular check-ins are key, and employees value open communication with their managers. Many team leads place significant emphasis on peer code reviews before sending it to QA, preferring to do the work up front to take care of bugs and any other issues.

How can candidates stand out when applying?

Demonstrate drive. Clarivate is looking for people with a sense of openness, curiosity and a strong desire to learn. Even with a lot of structure, team members are expected to thrive off autonomy. Ideal candidates are driven to continue learning whatever they can, who then turn around and teach their peers.

What can candidates expect from the Clarivate hiring process?

After sending in an application, candidates may receive a first-line phone screening about their skillset, how they’d fit with the teams and what they know about the role. If a candidate advances, they’ll then meet with the hiring manager and at least three other employees at different points in the process. That’s a lot, so they try to keep it to one phone call and two on-site visits. Clarivate values candid conversations and ensuring expectations are clear. Overall, the process takes roughly eight weeks between when they start looking for someone and when they fill the job.

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