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For more than 10 years, has offered independent reporting about local economies in change. Make a commitment to help us expand our important local journalism. 

Like other local newsrooms, the pandemic and ensuing economic shock shook our model. Help ensure we sustain and grow our independent reporting.

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Companies and people will be listed as supporters on this Journalism Fund page, linked to in every story funded through this initiative.

Current supporters is the only independent news organization dedicated to reporting on how local economies change. We help entrepreneurs, technologists and other professionals navigate their careers, and we report daily on economic impact on communities including Philadelphia, Delaware, Baltimore and Washington, D.C.

In addition to our six-person newsroom, we work with freelance journalists, community contributors and in collaboration with other news organizations. We are an independent community voice making our communities more efficient, informed and generous.

Our reporting is Accurate, Relevant and Productive. The COVID-19 pandemic and economic shock makes this kind of local business and economic reporting more important than ever.

From May until September, we are challenging our community to collectively contribute to support our on-going reporting, connecting and community support. 

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