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We’re looking for an ambitious Senior Developer to join the Publishing Systems Dev/Ops team. Our Developers work as a team with UX Designers, Product Managers, internal clients and across Engineering teams to deliver high quality print publishing and enterprise applications. Developing new products to transition legacy applications to modern technologies. In, addition to ensuring key publishing applications are on-line and available during peak production hours.

We use a variety of  technologies: Java, MySQL, Oracle, Node.js, Angular.js. You will be responsible for producing high quality, test driven code to meet and exceed product requirements.

More about what you’ll do in this role:

  • Participate in all stages of software development – from early brainstorming to coding and bug fixing
  • Write excellent, performant code and associated tests
  • Evaluate and improve existing print publishing workflows, applications and interfaces.
  • Discuss product requirements with others, both inside and outside of engineering
  • Ensure Print Publishing Application readiness during peak production hours
  • Interface with external vendors as required.

More about what we’re looking for:

  • 2+ years development experience.  Previous development in a media or print media environment preferred. Any combination of knowledge or experience with print publishing methods helpful (page planning, ad layout planning, file pre-flight, 4-color processing, PDF standards, page processing workflows through plate process.)
  • Combination of experience with Java frameworks, Node.js, Angular.js,  MySQL (or another relational database),  cloud technologies and working knowledge of networking technologies required.
  • Passion for problem solving and building end-to-end solutions
  • Desire to work in an agile environment and transform legacy applications to modern technologies.
  • Looking for a highly motivated individual, unafraid to share ideas, and take responsibility for learning about and maintaining existing feature implementations and for developing new features within the existing application framework
  • Team player, ability to teach as well as learn. Ability to work collaboratively with internal customers, and team members.
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The Washington Post is no doubt an iconic fixture in the world of journalism. For over a century, it has been breaking news, setting journalistic standards and even sharing the silver screen with movie stars Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep.

One might ask oneself, “Where, oh, where might a technologist like me fit in?” The answer would be right smack dab in the middle of the newsroom.

To be on the tech team at The Post is to work at the pulse of breaking news directly alongside journalists and editors. Engineers have the unique opportunity to collaborate with content creators and invent new ways to captivate readers, whether it’s powering important election updates or finding clever, simple ways to help amateur chefs master a featured recipe.

Owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and led by one of AdWeek’s “Most Indispensible Executives,” CIO Shailesh Prakash, The Post has undergone a masterful transformation from formidable print newspaper to innovative media technology company. In fact, it landed eighth on Fast Company’s 2018 “The World’s Most Innovative Companies” list.

With a “build not buy” philosophy, Prakash has empowered engineers to invent industry-changing software that does everything from delivering breaking news alerts faster to telling stories through augmented reality. This has led The Post to pursue an entirely new line of business: selling its in-house content management system, Arc, as a service to companies across the globe.

The ongoing emphasis on innovation means that engineers get to dip their toes in a variety of projects. Every couple of weeks ushers in a new development opportunity, feature or update, eliminating the risk of the team’s motivation growing stale.

Though many employees enjoy the buzz of newsroom energy emanating throughout the office, most find The Post has a surprisingly flexible work style. Employees within the software engineering department are first and foremost motivated by the needs of The Post and its readers, but are trusted to work remotely or get their work done off-hours, if needed.

The culture is decidedly down to earth. Described as an ‘inspiring and transparent environment,’ even the conference rooms are filled with light and surrounded by glass. Additionally, it has been noted numerous times that one of the most active Slack channels around the organization is affectionately labeled ‘Leftovers,’ where people post whatever leftover food they have from meetings or events.

Whether you’re a junior software engineer or top political reporter, everyone is a part of the team. And, really, what’s a better way to get acquainted and produce some killer news content than sharing ideas over a cold dish of half-eaten mac and cheese?

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