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The Cloud Construction team is looking for talented individuals who are passionate about software development. Our mission is to build and maintain a platform that enables lambda based applications allowing developers to easily build, test, and release their software. Members of our team are involved in full stack development and enjoy the fact that we have true product ownership of the tools we support. If this kind of innovative work interests you please consider our team.

As the member of the Function as a Service team (FaaS) you’ll be enabling a serverless based architecture. We’re looking for an individual who can evaluate new tooling, create coding exemplars, and define best practices around coding in Lambdas. AWS server less based architectures are highly available, automatically scale to meet demand, have a consumption based cost model, and are widely available across most AWS regions. We believe the work we do is critically strategic to Vanguard and will enable fellow developers to be highly productive.

On your first day we’ll expect you to:

  • Be fluent in a modern object oriented language (Java, JavaScript, or Python).
  • Familiarity with core AWS concepts and services
  • Be able to troubleshoot a bug that another development team is facing.
  • Be able to self-train on emerging technologies and share what you learn with others.

It would also be great (but not required) if you had:

  • Experience building apps and services using Lambdas
  • Experience provisioning architecture in AWS
  • Experience monitoring and alerting production workloads in AWS
  • Experience with Continuous Integration and/or Continuous Delivery pipelines


Undergraduate degree in a related field or the equivalent combination of training and experience

Minimum 3 years developer or systems analyst experience

Strong written and oral communication skills

Strong analysis and problem solving skills

Strong planning and organizational skills

**Vanguard is not offering sponsorship for this position**

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At harvest time, employees at one of the world's largest investment firms pick peppers and tomatoes and donate them to nearby food pantries like Philabundance. The community garden at Vanguard isn't a core competency, so to speak, but it does capture the financial firm's unique commitment to giving back.

Vanguard is one of the world's largest investment companies, offering a large selection of low-cost mutual funds, ETFs, advice and related services. "I wanted to work at Vanguard because I liked that there was an emphasis on volunteering and helping people," said Alexa Cain, an investment systems developer. "I never thought I wanted to end up at a financial company, but the fact that people are such an important part of Vanguard's mission really made me want to be here and makes me want to stay."

The Vanguard Gives Back program is a community service initiative where the company's so-called "crew members” (the logo, after all, is an 18th-century tall ship) rally behind philanthropic causes. Staffers donate their "time, talent and treasure" to various organizations, such as the American Red Cross and local hunger-relief groups.

Beyond those in need, Vanguard also invests in its own people.

In-house specialty programs offer crew-members the opportunity to gain new skills through hands-on experience. For example, Vanguard's Technology Leadership Program is a two-year program with three rotations and two capstones, specifically geared towards recent graduates who want to develop their technical expertise within the business world.

"My first rotation assignment was as a developer," said Carolina Blanco, a current member of the program. "Coming out of college, I only knew Java. The TLP gave me the opportunity to learn JavaScript on the job. I realized I love working on the front end, so I am glad I got that experience."

The offices at Vanguard also feature an impressive array of perks such as"galleys" (cafeterias), working nooks, walking paths, outdoor patio space and electric-car parking. There's also an employee gym, called "Ship Shape," located on campus.

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