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We’re a web and mobile product development consultancy based in Baltimore, MD. We’re a progressive and inclusive company that is on a constant mission to improve our business processes and operations. You’ll always be learning and surrounded by smart people.We have an opening for a Sales Engineer. A software engineer who will manage the execution of our sales process — taking sales leads to a successful close — but who will also perform billable work directly on client engagements.

We need somebody that’s sharp, ambitious, has demonstrated experience writing winning proposals, extensive software development experience, and who has business acumen. The ideal candidate will be a highly-organized individual that genuinely enjoys both sales and software development.

Sales Engineers report to Yair, the President.

Your responsibilities will be twofold:

  1. Manage Our Sales Process: you will be responsible for managing the execution of our sales process so as to close new sales opportunities. In this role you will be expected to schedule meetings with prospective clients, work with our staff to prepare estimates, create SOW’s, and complete any other tasks that would be required to prepare a winning proposal.
  2. Perform Billable Work: you will work side-by-side with our engineering team on client engagements. Please review our Developer role for more expectations of software engineers at SmartLogic.


In addition to all of the requirements of a developer at SmartLogic the ideal candidate for this position will have a background in the following:

  1. Experience with solution sales: we are a custom software development firm working with clients that have a range of needs. Our proposed solutions are complex and typically require multiple meetings before they can be distilled into a simple solution and proposal.
  2. Excellent written and verbal communication: as you will be responsible for preparing and delivering our proposals, it is imperative that you have excellent command of the English language.
  3. Attention to detail: the nature of the position requires you to be meticulous in your review of documents, communication, software, etc.
  4. Extremely well-organized: we are an organized company and the nature of this position will require that you simultaneously manage multiple sales opportunities and multiple client engagements. Successful candidates must be well-organized and have a natural disposition for developing, leveraging, and using systems and processes.


  1. The basics: We offer competitive pay, medical insurance, and paid vacation.
  2. Flexible office hours and work from home opportunities: Our core office hours are from 10am to 3:30pm. We work remotely on Fridays.
  3. Office food and snacks: We have a grocery budget and we provide company lunch once a week.
  4. Engage with your community: SmartLogic is known for sponsoring many community events. We try to be good stewards of the community. Have ideas of what you’d like the company to support? We’re all ears.
  5. World class software developers and designers: We pride ourselves on being discerning and selective with respect to whom we hire. This ensures that our brand and the quality of work we produce is of the highest quality. Furthermore, this fosters an environment that allows everyone on the team to continue to learn and develop professionally.
  6. Work in a great environment: We’re dedicated to providing office space that’s aesthetically and intellectually pleasing. We’re currently located in an office with several windows in Canton, where we are surrounded by other tech and interesting companies.
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Talk to us about your tech stack.

We make it a priority to always use the latest tech. For instance, we won’t use something that will be useless in a few years. 

Elixir/Phoenix is our go-to choice for all new projects. Modern web applications demand both real time communication with end users (i.e. chat, live updates, notifications, etc) and background processing (i.e. transaction handling, reporting, external integrations, etc). Elixir’s use of the Erlang VM brings a great multi-process model to these challenges. We do still use Ruby on Rails, as well, primarily for legacy apps and in some cases for new apps where Elixir doesn’t present a clear advantage over Rails.

We use React and React Native for web and mobile app development, respectively. React Native lets us develop Android and iOS apps that look and feel native but that share a codebase, making the build faster, more efficient and easier to maintain.

What are some internal or client projects that you’re proud of?

An internal effort we’re excited to introduce is our in-house product development investment program: SmartVentures. The program provides $400K of product development and mentorship as an alternative path for startups looking to scale up.

We’ve also worked with OrderUp, a national food ordering company, to build an internal menu builder tool (which cut data entry time in half) and an Android app. Not long after, OrderUp was acquired by Groupon.

We’re proud of our work for Spotcrime, a crime data aggregator that has been a client since 2008. Most recently, we built an infrastructure that enabled the app to handle a large volume of data for much lower costs. It is visited by one million users a month and sends over five million email alerts a month.

We’ve even built software that ran on the International Space Station.

What do you look for in new hires?

We make very driven hiring decisions. We’re looking for devs who are solid technical talents — people who understand software to their core and computer science from an applied perspective. We look for people who are deeply interested in programming; for them it’s more than a job, they read about it in their spare time.

We look for people who are smart, capable, truly interested in the work and excited to come in every day.

Our team is very self-directed. We’re not going to micromanage you here. So we seek people who are self-managing and very independent.

Tell us about your internal culture.

Our office is quiet and organized. Our processes are well thought-out and streamlined. Never wanting to become stagnant with old tech, we make a concerted effort to keep up with the modern tech landscape. The people are our team have a variety of skill sets and we value that.

In terms of career growth, we encourage you to pursue things that you’re interested in learning or trying out. We keep the lines of communication open so that team members can discuss their interests, find a way to explore new ideas, learn tech stacks in between client projects, etc. 

Many folks here have their own side projects so we have a side project club that meets once a month, where employees can update the team on what they’re building.

What are your company values?

● Be trustworthy — We want happy, repeat clients, and that happens when they know we have their best interests in mind. 

● Collaboration and Communication — We’re very collaborative and transparent; our clients own the accounts we create for them, and they invite us to access their accounts. There aren’t any non-technical PMs sitting between us and our clients. The devs communicative with them directly.

● Be pragmatic and intentional — We don’t wing it here. We come prepared and use time judiciously. 

Do you have any special company and/or community traditions?

We host a company lunch once a week where we socialize and pick topics to discuss. About once a month we do a company outing, such as a happy hour, craft night, axe throwing or go-carting. During the holiday season we do Secret Santa and host a great party for the team and their plus ones.

As part of growth and development, we send everyone to one to two conferences a year. This year five of us are going to ElixirConf and four of us are going to the React Conference in NYC. 

One of the things we’re most proud of is our effort to sponsor and produce grassroot events.  In 2018 alone we sponsored 74 events. We’ve been a longtime sponsor and supporter of’s events. We program and host on our own lineup of Meetups, including the Baltimore Elixir Meetup. And, we also hosted the Baltimore Women in Tech Micro-Grants Program and gave away $12,000 to women-led initiatives.

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