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We’re a web and mobile product development consultancy based in Canton (in Baltimore, MD). We’re a progressive and inclusive company that is on a constant mission to improve our business processes and operations. You’ll always be learning and surrounded by smart people.

We’re seeking a Product Designer who can self manage projects involving the wireframing, design, and prototyping of various web and mobile products.

The primary business objective of a Product Designer is to ensure products built by or bid on by SmartLogic, give a professional, user friendly, and modern impression to our clients and their customers.

You’ll always be learning and surrounded by smart, hard working people.

We strive to create an environment where everyone has the freedom to create the best products for our clients. What does that mean?

  1. Our team is always improving our process. Have an idea for how to work smarter? We want to hear it. We’re constantly looking for ways to build better software with less stress.
  2. No separate project management. We know you do your best work when you control the deadlines and client expectations. There are no layers in between you and the client: you have ownership of the project.
  3. We emphasize communication. We have daily standup meetings, constantly hang out on chat, and encourage open and honest communication, both internally and with our clients. This reduces stress, improves our work environment, and results in better work.


We’re looking for a Product Designer who can handle the full process, from client communication to implementation.

  • Create and manage our design process. Right now our team consists mostly of software developers. We will seek your guidance on best practices around building a design process that produces the best results for our clients.
  • User interface design. We expect you to understand color theory, site/app layout, hierarchy, typography, and other fundamentals that together will create compelling user interfaces for the software we build. We seek candidates with experience creating user flow diagrams, wireframes, and full color mockups of web / mobile applications.
  • Creation of clickable prototypes. We use tools like InVision and Sketch to build consensus on scope and user experience.
  • User experience design. Our software should be intuitive and a pleasure for all stakeholders to use, and for our developers to build. We create B2B and B2C software. We seek candidates that can conduct stakeholder interviews, define user personas, and address usability concerns. We further expect you to understand the various idioms of web, iOS, and Android development.
  • Implementation. You’ll work directly in the codebase to help build our software applications. We seek candidates with experience using SASS/CSS, Javascript (in particular ReactJS), React Native, and asset pipelines (e.g. Webpack or Brunch).
  • Experience operating in a sales capacity. While we’re not expecting you to lead our sales process, you will be involved in various meetings with prospective clients, helping them to understand how our design processes can address their needs. We’ll also seek your help writing parts of our proposals that pertain to product design.

Requirements of all employees at SmartLogic

  • Independence, drive, and motivation. We expect employees on our team to take ownership of their projects. You have the power to make decisions that will lead to the best work for our clients.
  • Demonstrated communication skills. Because we don’t have separate project managers, you must be adept at explaining technical problems in plain English.
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Housed in Canton’s iconic Atlantic-Southwestern Broom Company building, SmartLogic is a model for Baltimore offices. Natty Boh posters grace the walls and the third floor office at 3500 Boston Street features plenty of natural light, picturesque cityscape views, and plants – everywhere. The space has a homey feel, with a couple couches and even some workout equipment for downtime. And the best part? Even dogs are welcome in this office.

The schedule at SmartLogic honors work/life balance for Baltimore residents and commuters alike. Slack brings together remote staffers and in-office teams through a daily 10am standup (SUP) meeting when team members report what they’ve been working on and any assistance they may require. They also hold a weekly all-hands company lunch. Working remotely? SmartLogic has you covered: mounted screens are readily available for remote employees to be able to join HQ via Skype.

Diversity in both ethnicity and in thought is widely encouraged at SmartLogic, inviting experts from outside the company to talk about leading technologies, and encouraging employees to discuss any side projects they’re working on.

Company president Yair Flicker sets the tone for company culture saying, “Priorities-wise, it’s give people a good place to work, build your business, and do good work for your clients.” You can find Yair and his team spreading this mantra with advice on hiring cool people who do great work, hosting “Lunch and Learn” sessions at Baltimore Innovation Week and sharing a day in the founder’s life via Snapchat takeovers.

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