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As our Marketing Intern you will be tasked with contributing to a variety of marketing projects, determined on a rolling basis. Projects will align to a combination of your background and interests and SmartLogic’s marketing project needs. Possible projects include: designing and testing ad campaigns; creating and editing multimedia content; writing blog content; business development research; data entry and CRM maintenance; networking and events planning.

You’ll report to Rose Burt (Content and Digital Marketing Manager).

Internship Structure

  1. We will set project goals together: We know you don’t want to file papers all day. While there will be some grunt work, we also want this to be a meaningful learning opportunity for you. At the beginning of your internship, you will work with the CDMM to establish projects and goals for your internship.
  2. Most of your work will be autonomous: We will check in regularly, but you will be responsible for self-managing your own work, to a large extent. If that doesn’t work for you, this internship isn’t a good fit.


  1. Excellent Writing Skills: Writing is a key component to this position. It is critical that you have excellent writing skills. We are a professional company that people hire for the quality of work we do and for our reputation, and the quality of our written marketing materials must reflect that.
  2. Attention to Detail: Given that you will be working on content that will represent our company, it is critical that you have an attention to detail and that your work is free of errors. Further, all of our employees are expected to work autonomously and with minimal supervision.
  3. Organized: SmartLogic maintains a highly organized office and work process using a number of tools including Trello. You will need to maintain a well-organized Trello board as well as keep any documents you create organized in our Google Drive hierarchy.
  4. Weekly Meeting: Once a week you will need to contribute to a meeting with Rose (Content and Digital Marketing Manager) outlining completed and upcoming work.

Compensation and Expectations

This position pays $15/hr. The expected workload is between 10 to 12 hours a week. Some work may be done remotely, by arrangement with the Content and Digital Marketing Manager. You will be expected to use your own laptop for this role; if you do not have access to a personal computer, we can lend you company hardware for the duration of the internship. You will be responsible for your own transportation to the office in Canton at least once a week.

Next Steps

Please submit a copy of your resume and a writing or other digital content sample on Workable. The writing sample should be fewer than 500 words and demonstrate your business/professional writing abilities.

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About Us

Housed in Canton’s iconic Atlantic-Southwestern Broom Company building, SmartLogic is a model for Baltimore offices. Natty Boh posters grace the walls and the third floor office at 3500 Boston Street features plenty of natural light, picturesque cityscape views, and plants – everywhere. The space has a homey feel, with a couple couches and even some workout equipment for downtime. And the best part? Even dogs are welcome in this office.

The schedule at SmartLogic honors work/life balance for Baltimore residents and commuters alike. Slack brings together remote staffers and in-office teams through a daily 10am standup (SUP) meeting when team members report what they’ve been working on and any assistance they may require. They also hold a weekly all-hands company lunch. Working remotely? SmartLogic has you covered: mounted screens are readily available for remote employees to be able to join HQ via Skype.

Diversity in both ethnicity and in thought is widely encouraged at SmartLogic, inviting experts from outside the company to talk about leading technologies, and encouraging employees to discuss any side projects they’re working on.

Company president Yair Flicker sets the tone for company culture saying, “Priorities-wise, it’s give people a good place to work, build your business, and do good work for your clients.” You can find Yair and his team spreading this mantra with advice on hiring cool people who do great work, hosting “Lunch and Learn” sessions at Baltimore Innovation Week and sharing a day in the founder’s life via Snapchat takeovers.

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