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Your primary objective is to drive qualified leads to SmartLogic. This will be measured by looking at revenue attributable to qualified leads generated by our increased marketing efforts.

Our vision is to be the most trusted provider of custom software development services in our network and beyond.

You’ll report to Yair, president of the company.

Desired Outcomes

With your help, we’ll achieve these outcomes:

  • Increased Revenue: first and foremost, your efforts drive more qualified sales leads to SmartLogic.
  • More Referrals: more than ever, people we know and don’t know refer us into new project opportunities.
  • Demonstrated Thought Leaders: we’re objectively positioned as experts in the technologies we use and that we want to use. We’re seen as leaders in our space. People we don’t know — and in other geographies — mention us on message boards when people ask a question like, “What consultancy is great with Phoenix / Elixir?”
  • Increased Access to Talent: people want to work at SmartLogic. People tell their friends to apply for jobs at SmartLogic.


Be prepared to demonstrate your expertise in the following areas:

  • Technical Writing: producing technical content (with input from our developers) is of paramount importance to the success of this role. You’ll need to be able to interview our staff, perform further research, and produce well-written articles on technical topics.
  • Social Media Management: we have accounts/properties on all the normal social media channels. We also have social media properties for a few events and meetups we help organize. You’ll be expected to manage all of our SM properties, using them to build relationships, get the word out about the great work we do, and to disseminate the genuinely useful content you’ll help produce.
  • Email Marketing: you will be responsible for producing our email newsletters.
  • Project Management: we don’t micromanage. You’ll have support putting plans together — and on executing on those plans — but you’ll be responsible for managing your own efforts.
  • G Suite / Google Apps: we make extensive use of G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps). Experience using Docs, Drive, Sheets, and Slides will help you be successful in this role.
  • Networking Savvy: in addition to representing us at events we sponsor (some which take place after normal work hours and/or on select weekends), you’ll be expected to help us build and strengthen relationships we have with existing stakeholders in the community.

Soft Skills

You’ll thrive in our environment if you are:

  • Direct: appreciative and respectful of receiving and giving direct feedback; generally lacking in defensiveness
  • Curious: genuinely interested in learning and gaining more skills; possessing a curiosity to the world
  • Self-directed: able to turn goals into actionable steps that in turn you can execute; highly capable and proficient
  • Creative: help us innovate, make change, and have fun; we do not like the mundane
  • Community-minded: be a firm believer, as we are, that a successful business is measured by more than the numbers on an Income Statement
  • Organized: we’re efficient and able to run a tight ship because we are organized

About SmartLogic

SmartLogic, incorporated in May of 2005, builds custom web and mobile software applications for funded tech startups and large companies alike.

We build our software using progressive, modern, best-of-breed technologies and frameworks. Our team of hard-working, dedicated professionals are constantly on the lookout for better approaches to perform our work, which is reflected in the fact that our operations consistently and measurably improve from year to year and quarter to quarter.

Our focus is on building a sustainable business, fostering a collaborative work environment that helps employees reach their potential, and in adding capacity for our clients.

Our growth to date has largely been organic and via referrals. We have a roster of satisfied clients (as evidenced by the amount of our revenue driven by repeat business) and are constantly working to improve our processes.

We are primed for top-line revenue growth and are seeking a professional that can execute on our strategy in order to drive qualified sales leads to the business. Our marketing strategy calls for marketing to technical people and to people that are in a position to refer work to our team. During the first 3-6 months of your employment we do not expect to deviate from the marketing strategy we have in place. Once you have an opportunity to learn firsthand how and why our clients find and buy our services — and how best to market our services to prospective clients — we would welcome your thoughts on how to adjust our marketing strategy.

About Us

Housed in Canton’s iconic Atlantic-Southwestern Broom Company building, SmartLogic is a model for Baltimore offices. Natty Boh posters grace the walls and the third floor office at 3500 Boston Street features plenty of natural light, picturesque cityscape views, and plants – everywhere. The space has a homey feel, with a couple couches and even some workout equipment for downtime. And the best part? Even dogs are welcome in this office.

The schedule at SmartLogic honors work/life balance for Baltimore residents and commuters alike. Slack brings together remote staffers and in-office teams through a daily 10am standup (SUP) meeting when team members report what they’ve been working on and any assistance they may require. They also hold a weekly all-hands company lunch. Working remotely? SmartLogic has you covered: mounted screens are readily available for remote employees to be able to join HQ via Skype.

Diversity in both ethnicity and in thought is widely encouraged at SmartLogic, inviting experts from outside the company to talk about leading technologies, and encouraging employees to discuss any side projects they’re working on.

Company president Yair Flicker sets the tone for company culture saying, “Priorities-wise, it’s give people a good place to work, build your business, and do good work for your clients.” You can find Yair and his team spreading this mantra with advice on hiring cool people who do great work, hosting “Lunch and Learn” sessions at Baltimore Innovation Week and sharing a day in the founder’s life via Snapchat takeovers.

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