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Remote Full stack Node React Developer For Chrome Extension

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Job Description

Scalable Path is looking for a Full-stack Node & React Developer for Chrome Extension to join the team and work on a client project. This is a remote, full-time position.

The client’s application is a no-code productivity tool for individuals at work. They believe that working professionals should be able to concentrate on their actual work, not tedious and repetitive tasks that come along with it. That’s why they designed a product that takes data that is siloed across different online services and makes it work TOGETHER so that it can trigger relevant automation at the right time and in real-time. They think that taking out the tediousness of day to day tasks shouldn’t be difficult nor should it be left to the executive and virtual assistants – and that’s exactly how we empower their users to do it on their own!

Their current product goal is to be the “go-to productivity Chrome extension” by handling a user’s scheduling, tasks, and outreach needs better than an executive assistant. They are VC-funded and are in an exciting space (no-code automation!) with a great vision and a lot of features planned in their product roadmap over the next year!

You will be adding new features to an existing application based around a Chrome extension. You’ll need to write code on both the server-side (Node) & client-side (React) and follow existing coding style conventions.

Here are some of the project you might work on:
(1) Implementing a backend for the Chrome extension and setting up a third party DB and integrating with the chrome extension so local storage is no longer used
(2) Using the backend, create a personalized webpage for logged in users and implement a scheduling page (similar to Calendly). Mockups will be provided. Transfer/integrate with an existing website on Squarespace.
(3) Create a mobile Gmail/GSuite add-on for the chrome extension (
Possible Future Features:
(4) Text expander and email templates automation (based off the open source )
(5) Intelligent task scheduling & tracking. users enter tasks and have them intelligently scheduled into an existing calendar

You’ll be working with the founder (who is also a developer) who is based in New York and 2 developers. The client is in the America/New York (-04:00) EDT time zone.

– Strong written and spoken English
– JavaScript (React and Node)
– Comfortable integrating 3rd party APIs
– Jest and Enzyme (for automated tests)
– MongoDB
– Ability to work within an existing design system and create new functionality with good user experience (sometimes without detailed designs for everything)

As soon as possible.

1-2 months




The pay rate for this role is from $30 – $45 USD per hour, depending on experience and capability.

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