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Experienced Software Engineer – Backend

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Job Description
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You will work on small teams to build scalable infrastructure for our government – designing, implementing, and delivering services that millions of Americans depend on. You care deeply about working on technology that affects people’s lives, and are passionate about building large-scale systems that are well-designed, fast, scalable, and secure.

What you’ll do

    • Work with fellow Nava engineers to build our production infrastructure to be reliable, secure, and performant
    • Build and maintain our infrastructure as code to  automate the configuration, provisioning, deployment and monitoring of our core systems
    • Collaborate with the government and other contractors to invent, implement, and deploy new systems and improvements to existing systems
    • Architect new systems and changes to existing systems to support new functionality
    • Maintain production systems and investigate issues when they occur

What we’re looking for

    • Experience working on web-based systems
    • Meaningful experience working on large-scale applications and systems
    • An adaptive, empathetic, collaborative and positive mindset
    • Ability to think holistically around engineering issues
    • Knowledge of engineering fundamentals and architecture
    • Expertise in development and programming
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, technical and otherwise
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What are Nava’s core values?

Be active stewards; pursue the root cause; think long-term; build together; inclusion is essential; progress takes work. 

Nava is a mission-driven company with employees who aren’t just “engineering for engineering’s sake,” but actually trying to improve some of the most critical government services through holistic design and engineering. At Nava, team members are always willing to collaborate across disciplines in order to get the job done.

What is the Nava elevator pitch?

Nava is a public benefit corporation dedicated to making government simple, effective, and accessible for everyone. It partners with the government to bring human-centered design, agile software development, and product management to bear on some of our nation's toughest challenges. 

Nava is a thoughtful team of people across engineering, design, product, and business that cares deeply about building government services that have a lasting impact on the lives of millions of people. 

How has the company grown since it was founded in 2015?

Four years in, its original team of six is now nearly 100, with a growing cohort of distributed employees across the country. 

Today, Nava represents 49% women and over 50% underrepresented backgrounds in tech, with leadership represented by majority women and 45% people of color.

What are the most exciting projects right now?

Nava began when a handful of us were brought together to fix after the initial rollout. Continuing its mission to improve the accessibility, effectiveness and simplicity of government services, it has:

● Partnered with Code for America and the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities to make it easier for people living at or below the poverty line to access state-administered benefits.

● Helped make the largest modern update to Medicare, improving the Quality Payment Program to change how providers are paid and rewarded. 

● Iterated on the Scalable Login System (SLS) — initially built to fix scaling issues with — to improve identity management for’s more than 34 million account holders. 

● Worked with Harvard’s Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy to create plain language templates that help researchers easily honor participants’ right to privacy. 

How do employees collaborate?

Google Drive and Slack are two communication tools that Nava team members use frequently. Slack is used to communicate internally, and Google Docs are used to create “Tech Specs,” a brainstorm document that encourages collaboration across all departments. Because Nava is bi-coastal and remote friendly, video conferencing via Google Hangouts between San Francisco, DC, NYC, and remote staff allows for connectivity in open spaces.

How does Nava celebrate big wins?

Expect sweet treats after big contract wins or special announcements. Trips to Medieval Times (a dinner and performance show that takes attendees back to medieval ages), "Paint Nite," or a "bubble ball tournament," where players wear huge, soft inflatable bubbles and run toward and bounce off of each other in an open field, are other bonus outings. This fall, the entire team will be meeting together for a week long offsite in the Poconos.

Any Nava traditions?

Every Friday, Nava hosts a weekly staff meeting called “Team Huddle.” Nava uses this time to promote their shared value of transparency by providing on projects are shared company-wide and employees have the opportunity to give one another “shout outs” to celebrate small victories achieved throughout the week.

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