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Marketing Intern

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    Marketing / Social

90 day intern position includes the following responsibilities:

  • Monitor and post a pre-determined editorial calendar to the company social pages
  • Recommend alternative approaches to social marketing initiative
  • Oversee exciting and creative gorilla marketing approaches to generating more users
  • Organize metrics and analysis to better understand success of marketing
  • Learn pay-per-click and Google AdWords strategies; monitor, track, and improve
  • A/B test frequently to improve marketing through quantitative analysis
  • Report to C-Suite executives on a weekly basis with progress report generation and presentation


  • Excellent in Microsoft Office
  • Some experience in managing digital marketing channels
  • No formal degree required
  • A great attitude to learn, apply, take feedback, and propose new ideas to team leadership

About Us

Per the Delaware Business Roundtable, one of the region’s top priorities is organizing an entrepreneurship, small business, and innovation ecosystem. But what does that even look like!?

After 2 years of research, a local startup is launching a beta-version platform that uniquely displays every resource, opportunity, event, and so much more.

DelawareIQ is powered by a regional startup, fueled by the support of local investors, regional sponsors, and awesome partner organizations. In short, DelawareIQ presents a fusion of software, services, an data architecture to introduce a novel approach to supporting, and furthering, the incentives of entrepreneurs, students, business owners, employers, investors, and service providers.

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