Technical Support Analyst -

Technical Support Analyst

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  • Type

    Full-Time Job

  • Category

    Ops / PM

  • Job Highlights
    • As a technical support representative, work in a fast-paced environment that empowers critical thinking and collaboration with other departments.
    • Foster happy customers and build strong case studies by managing customer needs and optimizing their day to day life.
    • Participate in the software design lifecycle by suggesting strategic changes to the software to improve its usability and image in the ERP community.
    • Gain experience working with one of the most technologically advanced, all-inclusive ERP platforms.
    • Iterate on and maintain Deacom’s track record of world class support.
    • Through Deacom’s impact-based culture, earn the ability to experiment and try on other roles within the organization for future long term personal growth.


    • A degree in whatever.
    • Familiarity with IT, ERP, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, or Accounting.

    Bonus Points

    • Experience in SQL or relational databases.
    • Experience managing servers and server applications.
    • Experience working in customer service.
    • Superb communication, organization, and deductive reasoning skills.

About Us

Deacom is not your typical software company. With a mission to simplify the complex methods of traditional ERP software development, we have created a solution that makes the big players in enterprise software curse our name. Our comprehensive platform provides an alternative for everyone who has lived the nightmare of failed implementations, broken promises, and clunky software.

Fellow adventure seekers: Embrace your desire to be different and join us in our quest for simplicity. Because as crazy as it might sound, we have a deep and abiding passion for taking the complexity our clients face every day when running their business and breaking it down to the simplest possible solution.

To learn more about the DEACOM software please visit us at

This position is located in the Philadelphia area. Deacom, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

No Smoking Policy

Deacom has a strict NO SMOKING policy. Employees may not smoke at any time during the standard workday. This means that smoking during theworkday, including lunch breaks, is prohibited.

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