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Inspire is a clean energy technology company on a mission to transform the way consumers access clean energy and to accelerate the world’s transition to a net-zero carbon future. We provide our customers with access to renewable energy from wind, solar, and hydro powered sources without service interruptions or costly installations at a flat, predictable monthly rate. For every year that a customer spends with Inspire Clean Energy, they have a greater impact on climate change than 10 years of strict recycling. Our rapidly growing team of mission-driven, climate enthusiasts is passionate, innovative and committed to a better future for the planet.


Inspire is seeking a Regulatory Analyst to help our business unlock transformative innovations in clean energy and smart home technology and support our rapid, intelligent growth. As a Regulatory Analyst, you will work with Inspire’s head of Regulatory Strategy to support commercial opportunities, maintain multi-jurisdictional compliance, manage regulatory risk, track policy developments, and collaborate with teams across the business as a subject-matter expert. If you are driven by the hope that we can win the fight against climate change and energized by the prospect of overhauling an outdated industry, join Inspire.


  • Manage Regulatory Risk: Partner with the sales team to ensure regulatory and legal risk is prudently controlled; own primary communications with regulatory bodies, providing accurate and timely responses to maintain Inspire’s good standing and the trust of regulators.
  • Optimize & Redesign Regulatory Compliance: Take ownership of Inspire’s compliance program by developing a deep understanding of varied, complex regulations, implementing scalable processes to ensure consistent performance, and enhancing the audit function to ensure compliance is maintained.
  • Provide Actionable Analysis of Policy Developments: Track retail energy, energy management, and renewable energy regulatory and legal developments, and inform key stakeholders of commercial risks and opportunities.
  • Be a Strategic Partner in Driving Market and Product Expansion: Assess regulatory requirements and risk for new markets and products; bring a solutions-oriented mindset when guiding the business through the regulatory landscape; manage the regulatory uncertainties inherent in being a first mover.


  • Develop a format and cadence for regular briefs on key energy and technology legal developments across all current and near-term markets.
  • Research, summarize, and socialize regulatory requirements for each new market in an actionable way that ensures all departments understand the requirements and the resources and steps required for compliance.
  • Develop and improve existing processes to ensure that marketing risk is adequately managed, all regulatory filings and notices are compliant and timely, and all regulatory obligations are met and maintained.


  • By the end of 2021, you have formalized a holistic set of compliance processes and are able to independently oversee the compliance program, including the development of an organized regulatory deadline system that is shared across stakeholders.
  • By the end of 2021, you will have developed strong, authentic relationships across multiple departments.
  • By the end of 2021, you will be able to operate independently with minimal supervision and work proactively to identify, escalate and address compliance risks.


  • Passion – You care deeply about your work, recognizing the role it plays in accelerating the success of climate solutions.
  • Good Listener – In conversations with peers, you first always seek to understand using attentive listening and clarifying questions.
  • Meticulous – Details matter to you, leading to a low tolerance for errors.
  • Analytical – You approach complex questions rationally and methodically, leading to deep understanding and the ability to make thoughtful, evidence-based recommendations.
  • Accountable – You take ownership of issues and projects, escalate risks appropriately, and drive matters to successful and timely completion.
  • Ethical – You possess and demonstrate the highest levels of integrity and professionalism, are independent and exercise good judgment, and are comfortable taking a strong stand when necessary.
  • Can Disagree without Being Disagreeable – You are able to present and advocate for an opposing view collaboratively, instead of adversarially.


  • Must Have
    • 3-5 years work experience to include at least 1-2 in related role specifically marketing, sales, legal, or regulatory compliance
    • Prior experience utilizing a variety of analytical and research techniques to resolve complex regulatory issues
    • Driven, hardworking, with consistent follow-through
    • Demonstrated ability to perform, interpret and synthesize data-driven quantitative and qualitative analyses to distill and present to a variety of audiences and levels across the organization
    • Skilled at building and maintaining effective interpersonal relationships
  • Nice to Have
    • Retail energy experience
    • Paralegal or related experience in a legal setting
    • Strong written and verbal communication skills
    • Working knowledge of Tableau
    • Proficiency in GSuite tools such as Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides and Calendar as well as Microsoft Excel
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What makes Inspire an exciting place to work?

We are constantly working towards something bigger than ourselves. Our mission is what inspires and connects us. But we're also raising awareness for customers that they have choices when it comes to choosing an energy source.

Roughly 20% of your overall carbon emissions come from your home — which is huge. You can eliminate that 20% from your carbon footprint simply by deciding to go with Inspire.

Through data, we empower customers by informing them of their choices and giving them an option to positively impact the environment.


What’s unique about working on Inspire’s tech team?

Between Philly and Santa Monica, we have about 60 people on our tech team. Being small, we’re able to bond and work together closely. Everyone across the entire team has a hand in creating something for customers. No one group comes up with ideas or roadmaps and presents them to the rest of the group; we collectively decide what we should be working on and how we can work towards bringing Inspire’s overall mission to life.

We’ve created a very supportive and uplifting subculture. It’s not just about social events; it’s about asking, “How can we grow together? How can we work better together?”


How has Inspire has worked to improve employee work/life balance during the pandemic?

Due to the always-on nature of working from home during quarantine, we found that people had started working more hours and taking less PTO. Even when we told people to take time off, they still seemed to check in and contribute. We established “bonus days,” where every other Friday is off for the entire company. That way, no one is working, employees don’t feel that they are missing anything, and everyone can truly relax and recharge.


What qualities make someone a promising job candidate at Inspire?

Everyone at Inspire is driven by the mission to expand access to clean energy and work toward a zero-net carbon future. So we look for candidates who have that same passion for taking care of our earth. We’re a company of team players who collaborate closely, always ready to hop on Zoom to solve problems as a team.

From a tech perspective, we want talented engineers of all levels, but we are also looking for people who also think deeply about the Inspire user and build features and solutions that work for them. People who are interested in their careers and helping grow the careers of those they work with share knowledge and level up their skill sets.

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