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As Senior Product Manager for Internal Sales Tools, you empower Inspire’s efforts to provide a delightful, modern sales experience to our customers and accelerate the adoption of smart, renewable energy to the home.

As Senior Product Manager for Internal Sales Tools, you will have a unique opportunity to develop a suite of web and mobile products enable our sales organization to improve performance as it scales and grows. Working with the Director of Internal Tools, and VP of Product, you will develop and execute a strategy and roadmap for transitioning our sales operations from 3rd-party tools to internally built products. Your products will be obsessed on creating a stellar sales experience from the customer’s perspective, making sales agents more effective in their prospective and sales efforts and improving the managerial and operational capacity of sales management and senior leadership.


The ultimate, if not only, measure of a sales experience is whether the customer decides to buy from and – more importantly – stay with Inspire. Often our customers’ first contact with Inspire is through a salesperson knocking on their door and walking them through the enrollment process.  Here, first impressions determine the kind of relationship we are going to have with this customer (if at all). While the “users” of your products will be internal Inspire employees, your ultimate success depends on your ability to aid them in their efforts to build strong relationships with our customers and do so at scale.


  1. Get more Inspire customers to buy our products and services – Drive adoption and Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) through the development of experience-shifting sales products and tools for field agents and their line managers that improve first impressions and sales experience for the customer.
  2. Improve the Sales Agent Experience – Develop a suite of self-service tools and portals for Sales Agents to track their progress & earnings and leverage data to improve performance through targeted sales tactics.
  3. Help Sales Managers better support their teams – Develop tools and portals to give managers a birds-eye view into the performance of their agents to take action in real-time.
  4. Improve the managerial and operational capacity of Inspire’s Sales Leadership – Create tools and portals for Inspire executives to make better-informed decisions at both the strategic and operational level.


  1. Work with the Director of Internal Tools & the VP of Product to develop, define and execute a strategy and roadmap for transitioning our sales operations from 3rd-party tools to internally built products.
  2. Collaborate with Sales, Data Science, Operations and Product Marketing to define and map business requirements. Ensure that roadmap decisions are driven by and understanding of what will move the needle now and in the future.
  3. Work cross-functionally to define, develop, ship and grow sales tools for web and mobile.
  4. Make a significant impact on sales conversion, volume and LTV.
  5. Make a meaningful qualitative and quantitative impact on sales operations.


  1. You love salespeople – Success in this role requires strong empathy for, and desire to empower field salespeople to succeed and have a good time doing it.
  2. Doer – You are not afraid to roll up your sleeves and wade through the muck to uncover the right answers.
  3. Learning machine – You consume and distill new information voraciously, climbing learning curves with dizzying speed. We should feel like we would have a hard time keeping up with you and be compelled to level up our game as a consequence.
  4. Systems Thinker – You can reason from First Principles to parse signal from noise, extrapolate the underlying pattern, identify the sensitive inputs & weightings and generalize to other contexts.
  5. Foresight – You are able to balance the needs of the present without jeopardizing or constraining optionality in the future. You can play out the multi-round consequences of available paths or tactics, take the long-term view and do not make a habit of cutting corners.
  6. High Trajectory – You are pursuing personal and professional growth as a top reason for changing jobs. You actively seek coaching and working environments that imprint you with new skills and abilities to level up.
  7. Humility – You are comfortable enough to know when to say “I don’t know”. You share credit with the team when things go well and volunteer to own the blame when something goes wrong in your corner of the kitchen.
  8. Leadership – You can rally a team by leading through influence, not fiat. You are able to tune your communication style make your message more receptive to each individual member of the team.


  1. Stellar user research chops – You will be doing a significant amount of rapid prototyping and user research, going into the field with sales agents to understand how new product changes affect customer experience and sales agent effectiveness.
  2. Prior experience building internal tools – Strong preference for experience leading cross-functional teams to develop and launch of sales-specific software tools, point-of-sale solutions, ecommerce experiences or tools for performance-based cultures.
  3. Strong business acumen – Familiarity with subscription-based consumer electronics businesses and Saas metrics.
  4. A strong eye for user experience – Must be able to communicate using design tools like Sketch, Figma, or the Adobe Suite
  5. Technical Knowledge – Must be familiar with the latest technologies including Rails, React, React Native, PostgresSQL, Heroku, AWS, S3 etc.
  6. Excellent verbal and written communication skills – especially in creating detailed, crisp business requirements, functional requirements and user stories that can be used to create product specifications and architecture for each product.


  1. Progress on executing roadmaps and meeting deadlines.
  2. Ensuring that products released are performant, stable and scalable.
  3. Net lift on sales conversion, volume and LTV.
  4. Net lift on the efficiency and throughput of sales operations.
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When people join Inspire, they’re not just another employee; they’re an Avenger. It has a lot more to do with protecting our planet than it does with a love for high-budget blockbusters. Inspire’s mission is to drive massive progress towards a brighter energy future. The company believes simplifying consumer adoption of clean energy and smart home technologies is the vehicle best-equipped to get us there.

Inspire is developing technology products that empower people to live smarter, and connect to power fit for the 21st century. The company’s flagship product is a Netflix-style subscription to wind power. Its proprietary operating system creates custom subscriptions for each home by analyzing data like energy use, occupancy, weather history and real estate trends. This model represents a fundamental shift in the traditional payment mechanism for energy. Many local Avengers become Inspire members, and every Inspire technologist tests new products before they’re released.

The company is in rapid growth mode, with approximately half of the team in its Center City, Philadelphia office and the other half in Santa Monica, California. Despite the distance, silos don’t exist at Inspire. Bi-coastal team members collaborate closely with company-wide Slack channels and both offices have live video streams to encourage interactions throughout the day. When the member support team (known internally as “member support Avengers”) said their CRM software was lackluster, the product and development teams fixed it by building an entirely new platform customized to their needs.  

Team members in Philadelphia have the opportunity to spend time working in Santa Monica, and vice versa. Santa Monica employees might have the luxury of working in beautiful Southern California, but Philadelphia-based staff are afforded an incredible view of City Hall from Inspire’s lofty perch across the street. All Inspire employees, however, share a passion for the environment and a perpetual thirst for learning — especially on the job. Just ask Inspire’s developers, who learned Angular 2 to build the company’s consumer technology platform.

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