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Center City May 10
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We’re looking for a Senior UX Designer to join the Fastmail team at our Philadelphia office.

Together with the rest of our team, you’ll work on our email services Fastmail and Topicbox. When the vast majority of people get email for free, the reason people choose a paid service is because they value both privacy and a great user experience.

About the job

We’re looking for an experienced UX designer to join us to push our customer experience to the next level.

You’ll be part of a great product and development team, and have the opportunity to:

  • Create simpler interactions so less technical users can benefit from our advanced tools — new experiences of existing tools are often perceived as entirely new features!
  • Collaborate with your colleagues to synthesize existing and new research to derive actionable insights and prioritize improvements
  • Prototype design changes - from incremental to radically different - in order to get user feedback and insights
  • Bring structure & standardization to the way the product team delivers new user-facing designs & features
  • Update the new user experience, streamlining setup and some of our core interactions in a way that resonates with and activates a generalist audience
  • Expand our design system, Elemental, to incorporate new patterns addressing existing pain points

Who will do well at this job

We are looking for a seasoned UX practitioner with:

  • a strong grasp on Information Architecture and hierarchy, Navigation Design, and Usability
  • a priority on design for ease over design for aesthetics
  • experience with lightweight prototyping to check key decisions early in the process
  • the ability to explore user problems via formal and informal research and translate it into tangible insights

You feel comfortable identifying opportunities for improvement, brainstorming new ideas, and offering new features based on your observations.

Experience overhauling existing products through a phased, iterative approach is not required, but would make you a compelling candidate!

Like everyone at Fastmail, you should understand the value of privacy-centered tools, and believe in privacy as a customer right. We also work across time zones, so you should be very comfortable communicating in text: clear, unambiguous, and empathetic whether on Slack or email — both of which you’ll be using a lot.

You should have a portfolio of work that demonstrates experience in product thinking, and the ability to talk about what you bring to projects. We are open to applicants who come to this role from a range of backgrounds and experiences. Tell us why you’d be a great fit.

Working at Fastmail

This is a full-time role. Like everyone on our team, you’ll get great benefits.

  • 100% covered medical and dental benefits for you from day one
  • generous contributions for partners and dependent coverage (also available from day one)
  • four weeks of paid time off
  • paid sick leave, holidays, and parental leave
  • paid sabbatical for long-term staff
  • annual professional development budget to fund your own growth
  • supportive work environment
  • team events to share your passions (from tech tools and user testing to crafts, movies, and games)

This job is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We have a strong in-person culture and are looking for someone who will be on-site and part of that culture.

We also have team members in Australia and India and we’re in close communication with them. This means that you’ll need to be available for a couple of evening calls each week. We are partners, parents, and caregivers ourselves, and we understand time-zone flexibility goes in both directions. Talk to us if you’re unsure.

We encourage employees to write and speak about the great work we do, and we value people who are enthusiastic to learn and improve their skills—and we give them a conference budget to do so. Many staffers write articles on our blog, and we hope you will, too. Several staff members are regular conference speakers.

You can read about our values, and our blog contains interviews with some of the people who will become your colleagues at Fastmail.

We welcome all applicants regardless of race, color, religion, age, pregnancy, gender identity or expression, disability, or sexual orientation. We can help you relocate to Philadelphia if needed. We can’t help a visa or sponsorship—you must already have the right to work in the United States.

Sounds great, what's next?

Email us at to introduce yourself or ask a question about the role! This job requires clear written communication, so that message is part of your application. When applying, please be sure to attach your resume and a link to your portfolio to your message.

Retirement & Stock Options Benefits
  • 401k with company contribution
Perks & Discounts
  • Casual Dress
  • Snacks Provided
Health & Wellness
  • Dental Insurance
  • FSA
  • Health Insurance
Parental Benefits
  • Family Medical Leave
  • Parental Leave
  • Flexible Work Schedule
  • Paid Holidays
  • Paid Sick Days
  • PTO
  • Hybrid Work Options
Professional Development
  • Training & Development Budget
What does “being a good internet citizen” mean? For us, it’s all about behaving ethically and responsibly in today’s internet landscape. We strive to always do the right thing and put people first. We value customers’ trust and never compromise the privacy of their personal data. We build and contribute to open-source projects that help move our industry forward. And most importantly, we bring a human touch to a high-tech industry.   What benefits do you offer that stand out from other companies? In response to Covid-19 and its new demands on workplace culture, we offer very flexible hours to enable a healthy work-life balance for all of our employees. We also offer very generous PTO with no leave cap. And if an employee has been with us for seven years or longer, they are able to take what’s called a "Long Service Leave," which is a 2-month paid sabbatical. As one of our company values, we place a heavy focus on our employees’ personal and professional growth. Every employee has their own personal/professional development budget to use as they wish, whether on a course, conference, books, etc. It can also be applied to board service at a non-profit or charity.   Being a global company, are there opportunities to travel? Yes! Before Covid-19, many of our Philadelphia staffers had regular opportunities to travel to our office in Australia, and vice versa. When it's safe to travel again, that is definitely an opportunity for the future.   What is the company’s current tech stack? Our client application is written in modern JavaScript using our own open-source framework, Overture, as well as Squire, a popular rich text editor which we wrote. Our client and server communicate using JMAP, a protocol we developed and turned into an open standard. Our server is made up of quite a few different software systems written primarily in Perl 5, but most customer data is stored in Cyrus, an open source JMAP (and IMAP and more) server written in C, and we're its primary maintainers.  All this runs on Linux running on our own real hardware.   What kind of qualities do you look for when hiring new technologists? We are looking for people who have a true passion for programming and the continual desire to push themselves in their understanding of programming concepts and techniques. Our culture is one of constant learning, and we look for that same interest from candidates. Development at Fastmail is a highly collaborative process so we want people who work well with others and are excited to build new things.