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Zivtech, based in Philadelphia, PA, designs and builds innovative websites, web applications, and infrastructure using best-of-breed Open Source Software (OSS) like Drupal, Node.js, and React. We work with clients ranging from Internet startups, to large non-profits and Fortune 500 companies, helping them leverage the many advantages Open Source offers.

We are currently looking for a front-end developer to help build our interactive design division. Zivtech has a fast paced work environment and we seek talented employees who crave learning new skills and aren’t afraid to tackle big projects.

Our creative team is passionate about design, user experience, branding, and exceeding our client’s goals. We encourage the most forward-thinking techniques as we look for creative and practical solutions to the design challenges we face.

Responsibilities Will Include:

  • Deliver designs as clean semantic markup using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and open-source tools
  • Test front-end code for supported browsers and devices
  • Collaborate with design and development teams to ensure effectiveness and quality
  • Assist with client estimation and discovery processes
  • Take part in our code review process (both reviewing the work of other developers and having your own work reviewed)
  • Keep meticulous track time on a daily basis
  • Contribute to project planning and meetings
  • Work with project managers and senior engineers to come up with creative and effective solutions to our client’s problems
  • Help with Drupal community and other open source initiatives that are a priority for Zivtech
  • Creating and updating documentation (both internal and publicly for our open source projects)
  • Assisting on internal development projects

What We Require

  • 2-3+ years experience in responsive design and development using CSS/HTML5, Javascript
  • A working knowledge of git
  • Strong front-end prototyping skills for web and mobile
  • Experience with Sass or other CSS processors
  • Experience building responsive websites
  • High proficiency in debugging cross-browser rendering issues
  • High proficiency in accessibility standards & requirements
  • Building websites using Drupal and other open source software
  • Expert problem solver and technical innovator. Able to identify, understand, and implement viable new technologies.
  • Excellent communication skills

Strong favor for clients who:

  • Have Drupal 7 & 8 theming experience, with evidence on your drupal.org profile
  • Built a base theme that was released on drupal.org
  • Contributed to open-source projects, especially JS projects


  • Experience with more advanced JS frameworks like React & Angular
  • Experience with server-side JS development, like node.js
  • Design experience (both software and visual)
  • Experience working with a CMS to provide content and data driven websites
  • Experience with PHP
  • An interest in open source software
  • Experience with object oriented programming
  • Experience with Linux or Unix
  • Experience with agile workflows
  • Contributions to open source projects (links please, perhaps to your github account?)
  • Experience with automated testing

Candidates are encouraged to work from our modern office beside City Hall in central Philadelphia. Zivtech will accept remote / telecommuting employees from exceptional candidates within 1 or 2 timezones of US Eastern.

If you’re interested in joining our thriving, growing business and doing cutting-edge work, reply to this job posting. Or email your resume, a cover letter or statement of purpose, and salary requirements to jobs@zivtech.com (no calls please). If you have been involved in Drupal or any other open source or design community in the past, please include a link to your work.

About Us

Zivtech is a full service digital agency offering design, development, and content services with an emphasis on open source platforms such as Drupal and Node.js. Zivtech works with clients ranging from internet startups, to large non-profits, to Fortune 500 companies. We strive to help each of our clients leverage the many advantages that open source offers.

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