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As Director of Client Services you will serve as the main entry point of leads into SmartLogic. You’ll educate potential clients about our service offerings to determine if we’re a good fit for their needs. You’ll liaise with our development team in order to prepare winning proposals.

This position is a non-billable position; you are not expected to log billable time.

You’ll report directly to Yair, the President of the company.


  • Qualify prospective opportunities: you’ll serve as the initial point of contact for anybody interested in SmartLogic’s service offerings. In this capacity you’ll meet with prospects to fully understand their needs and build a relationship of trust. You’ll also qualify prospective opportunities to see if they are something we should pursue. If opportunities aren’t a good fit, you’ll redirect them to our colleagues in the local industry in an effort to help the prospect accomplish their objectives.
  • Write winning proposals: once we determine that an opportunity is qualified, you’ll work with our development team to devise the most optimal plan of attack for the opportunity in question. The culmination of our sales effort is the proposal, which includes all information that prospective clients need to know about working with SmartLogic, and about how we’ll complete the project in question. Some proposals will require assembling a “coalition” involving other partners that offer ancillary or complementary services.
  • Close deals: of course, it is rarely as simple as sending a proposal through the ether. You’ll be expected to roll up your sleeves and employ all sales techniques at your disposal to close deals.
  • Hand off projects to the development team: after we close a deal you’ll be expected to facilitate a smooth transition to the Director of Development Operations (your counterpart on the development team) and the rest of our development team, who work diligently to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations throughout the course of an engagement.
  • Maintain a network of partners: our partners (design agencies, smaller and larger development firms, etc.) serve as both a referral source but also as a resource we can use to prepare proposals that satisfy all of a client’s needs related to the development of software products (our primary service offering).


We seek candidates with 5 or more years of professional experience in the world of software product development. The successful candidate for this position will have a background in the following:

  • Product Management: the successful candidate will have experience working with various types of stakeholders (technical, non-technical, various industries) to design software products that meet a set of objectives. Our detailed proposals typically include wireframes and technical definition to clearly communicate the system and product we are proposing to build.
  • Software Product Development: the successful candidate will understand agile software development processes, in particular around building web and mobile applications. While you need not be an active or “rockstar” developer, we are seeking someone that understands — and has worked directly with — the various technologies and frameworks that can serve as part of a complete solution for our clients.
  • Sales: the successful candidate will have demonstrable experience managing a sales process. While we believe that our proposals are the best solutions for our prospective and existing clients, the successful candidate will understand the many decisions and aspects that go into winning trust and business.
  • Networking: the successful candidate will have a knack for networking and building relationships with contacts in the industry. The ideal candidate will have an existing network of contacts that could be prospective clients of SmartLogic. We also desire a candidate that is comfortable with public speaking and making sales presentations.

Finally, we are seeking someone that is personable and demonstrates trustworthiness and integrity. Given our primary source of leads is through referrals, the importance of being a bastion of integrity cannot be overstated.

About Us

Housed in Canton’s iconic Atlantic-Southwestern Broom Company building, SmartLogic is a model for Baltimore offices. Natty Boh posters grace the walls and the third floor office at 3500 Boston Street features plenty of natural light, picturesque cityscape views, and plants – everywhere. The space has a homey feel, with a couple couches and even some workout equipment for downtime. And the best part? Even dogs are welcome in this office.

The schedule at SmartLogic honors work/life balance for Baltimore residents and commuters alike. Slack brings together remote staffers and in-office teams through a daily 10am standup (SUP) meeting when team members report what they’ve been working on and any assistance they may require. They also hold a weekly all-hands company lunch. Working remotely? SmartLogic has you covered: mounted screens are readily available for remote employees to be join the HQ team via Skype.

Diversity in both ethnicity and in thought is widely encouraged at SmartLogic, inviting experts from outside the company to talk about leading technologies, and encouraging employees to discuss any side projects they’re working on.

Company president Yair Flicker sets the tone for company culture saying, “Priorities-wise, it’s give people a good place to work, build your business, and do good work for your clients.” You can find Yair and his team spreading this mantra with advice on hiring cool people who do great work, hosting “Lunch and Learn” sessions at Baltimore Innovation Week and sharing a day in the founder’s life via Snapchat takeovers.

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