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Development Seed is an engineering and design company based in Washington, DC, Lisbon, Portugal and Ayacucho, Peru. We’re a team of twenty-eight developers and designers creating positive social impact with open tech and open knowledge alongside organizations like the World Bank, the Washington Post, and NASA.

We are looking for an engineer to build powerful open tools for our partners at NASA, USGS, and ESA to manage, process, and distribute data in the cloud.

As a cloud engineer, you will:

  • Build reliable and scalable services, optimized to deliver petabytes of satellite imagery data to millions of simultaneous users.
  • Develop distributed computing models to process and analyze imagery in near real time.
  • Solve real problems for organizations that address big global challenges.
  • Use the best technology available on a team of people that want you to grow and win.

As a Development Seed team member, you:

  • Collaborate — Working as a team makes us stronger than any individual developer. You write clear Github tickets and communicate effectively on Slack and in-person.
  • Learn — We constantly evolve our technology stack and techniques to deliver the best work to our partners. You don’t need to know any particular language or framework upfront but you need to demonstrate you’re able and excited to learn new ways to build. You’ve also tried out enough options to know that the hip new thing isn’t always the best solution.
  • Code — You write code focusing on both performance and maintainability. You know when to use a quick fix and when to invest more time refactoring.
  • Care about the world and believe that we can do better — Social change is the foundation of everything we do. You are impatient about solving the world’s toughest challenges.

Ideal candidates have 2+ years professional experience with:

  • Node.js
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Docker

If this sounds like you, send your resume to or use the button below. Tell us about yourself and what you’d love to work on at Development Seed.

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