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Data Consultant

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    Ops / PM

  • Job Highlights
    • Extract, transform, and load data to prepare for integration with one of the most technologically advanced, all-inclusive ERP platforms.
    • Collaborate with Deacom’s manufacturing customers during the data validation phase to ensure accuracy and drive operational efficiency.
    • Gain experience with Deacom’s unique Data Conversion tool to create profiles for loading data.
    • Partner with internal teams to maintain Deacom’s ridiculously high implementation success rate through the timely completion of data conversion.
    • Enrich your passion for data by working with customers overcome business challenges.

    The Skills

    • A degree in whatever.
    • Understanding of relational databases.
    • Experience with expression languages (e.g. Excel formulas, SQL queries, Crystal report expressions or scripting languages).
    • Detail oriented and organized.

    Bonus Points

    • Experience in IT or server admin processes.
    • Data analyst experience.
    • ERP, manufacturing or accounting experience.
    • Experience working directly with customers.

About Us

Roll into the grassy Chesterbrook campus that Deacom calls home and it’s hard not to imagine yourself taking a walk, settling in for a picnic or playing rounds of cornhole during a cook-out among sprawling hills. Though the company works hard to live up to its “Artisans of ERP Software” reputation, Deacom also takes full advantage of those surroundings, often utilized to help foster team relationships and spark innovative thinking.

The technologists of Deacom work in an open space where ongoing collaboration is encouraged and asking for help on a project is as simple as turning to your neighbor. With big plans for expansion, Deacom is looking to broaden development and sustain the rapid growth the company has seen in the last three years.

The ongoing extension of the Deacom team fits into the Kaizen philosophy, a cornerstone of the company’s culture that promotes constant, continuous improvement. Through day-to-day steps toward enhancing specific projects or initiatives, the goal is to create a big picture of long-term, systemic growth and increased quality.

For Deacom, this can mean expanding their teams, creating jobs that didn’t once exist, or giving employees the opportunities to explore new projects. This combined with the company’s focus on training and career development, ensures employees stay engaged and excited about the work they are doing each day.

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