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Senior Growth Analyst

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It’s an exciting time at Crossbeam. Just over two years post-launch, we have over four thousand companies using our platform, raised more than $40M of venture capital from leading VC firms, and are working with awesome strategic investors like Salesforce, HubSpot, Okta, and Slack. Best of all, we’re just getting started. In a market full of uncertainty, we are fortunate to have an unwavering long-term vision and the funding to see it through at full speed.

Crossbeam helps companies partner with each other in a more data-driven way by acting as an escrow service for data. Our platform allows companies to find overlapping customers and prospects with their partners while keeping the rest of their data private and secure.

The growth team at Crossbeam is in a unique position that few other B2B growth teams are — thanks to our built-in network effects and virality, we get to supercharge an already existing product-led growth model.  It’s an exciting opportunity, and we’re looking for someone to join the analytics side of the house.


Responsibilities include:

  • Use data and analytics to help us understand which features and experiments should be rolled out next.
  • Create attribution models to quantify the impact of actions across the company, including growth, product, marketing, sales, and more.
  • Develop detailed dashboards to help functions across the business be more data driven, as well as high level exec and company-wide dashboards.
  • Work with growth and analytics leadership to guide company strategy on future analytics needs and tools.
  • Get us to “drink our own champagne” or in other words: How can we use the data Crossbeam generates to power our own revenue and go-to-market teams?
  • Help roll out a new replacement business intelligence/visualization tool to replace our current one and maintain it for the entire company.
  • Eventually, you will own significant parts of the data stack including our ETL process and tools.


These are some of your traits:

  • You have 6 years experience in data analytics — you use SQL, dbt, Looker/Tableau/some other viz tool, Excel, etc. on a daily basis.
  • SQL is a second language to you — you understand how to tie disparate data sources together, and how to do it in a scalable, repeatable fashion.
  • You know how to get to exactly the answer you want using complex analysis, but also know how to distill the key points of that down so everyone else can understand the insights.
  • You’ve worked with all kinds of different teams, and know how to “see” across the business — how does one action over here impact the output over there?
  • You know how to do more than just make reports and answer questions — you know what an answer you uncover means and what questions you have to ask to dig further.
  • You’re an excellent written and verbal communicator, and are able to tell a story with data. You may contribute to company and board updates, or share insights  at company meetings.
  • You speak your mind, have no issue raising concerns with company leaders, but are also able to “disagree and commit” when things don’t go your way.
  • When you don’t know how to do something, you’ll admit it and make a quick assessment of whether it’s something you can figure out, if you’ll need help, and where that help should come from.
  • You just read this whole list and got more excited than concerned.



Interview Process

We go through the same interview steps for all Growth Analyst candidates to ensure equity in our hiring process. Our process is designed to learn as much about each candidate as possible, as well as to give candidates access to our team and learn about what it’s like to be a team member at Crossbeam. Topics will range from technical skills to problem-solving approaches and collaboration.

  1. Crossbeam in-house recruiter
  2. Short live SQL test
  3. Final Interview with
    1. Head of Growth
    2. Head of Revenue Operations
    3. Product Manager
    4. Product Marketing Manager
    5. Built-in 15-minute breaks for you and us!




This is a salaried* role. In addition, Crossbeam offers:

  • Health Care Plan (Medical, Dental & Vision)
  • Flexible PTO Policy
  • Parental leave
  • Stock Option Plan
  • 401k Plan + Match

*Residents of Colorado: There is a minimum salary of $100,000 plus equity and benefits for this position. Benefits may include, but are not limited to, health, dental, vision, 401k+ Match, flex PTO, parental leave, & fully remote work. Salary for this role may vary depending on your location, skills, and experience.


How We Work

Our team has always emphasized remote work, with teammates in the Philadelphia area and distributed across the country. We’re committed to a remote-first culture, with the majority of our collaborative work happening on Slack and Zoom. 

When travel feels comfortable again, we’ll celebrate with team off sites and events about once a quarter, and welcome our remote team to join for some facetime whenever they can. In the meantime, we’re focused on creating the best experience possible for new team members from a distance.
This role can be based anywhere in the US.



Our Values

Trust is our business. We create value by building trust in our company, our team, our technology, and our network. Never let anything compromise that trust.

Feed the Network. Our customer network is our most valuable asset. Prioritize its growth.

Equity. We will build a workplace that ensures everyone access to the same opportunities to share in our success.

This is Fun.  Few people are lucky enough to do what we do. Follow the fun in every step of the journey.


Fully remote US candidates are encouraged to apply. We have an office in Center City Philadelphia. Local candidates are also welcome to work from our Center City Philadelphia headquarters, some or all of the time.


Crossbeam’s core value of Equity sits at the heart of our hiring process, and we’re proud to be building a culture where difference is valued. Applicants from diverse and non-traditional backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply. We recruit, employ, train, compensate and promote regardless of race, religion, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender, disability, age, or veteran status.

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  • Health Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
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  • Family Medical Leave
  • Flexible Work Schedule
  • Parental Leave
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  • 401k with company contribution
  • Company Equity
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  • Unlimited PTO

What are Crossbeam’s core values? 

Crossbeam was founded on four core values that serve as a throughline for how we operate and make decisions. They are “Trust is our Business,” “Feed the Network,” “Equity,” and “This is Fun.”


What does onboarding look like at Crossbeam?

As a remote-first company, we’ve worked hard to make sure that the onboarding, enablement, and ongoing support of our team members are world-class. From day one, you’re connected with members of the Crossbeam team who are dedicated to making sure you have everything you need, like our Team Experience Manager, Head of People Operations and Business Operations Associate. From there, you’ll connect with your manager and smaller team to get the flow of your day-to-day down. During the first week, we’ll also introduce you to Beamers from every level of the company, like our Partnerships or Product squads, so you get the full scope of what we are creating here at Crossbeam.

We’re very active on Zoom and Slack. We use a Slack App called Donut which allows the team to opt in for random connections with other Crossbeamers to help everyone feel a little more connected remotely.

Everyone’s job at Crossbeam is essential to our success, and we do the work to make sure you know that and have support from the start.


What will new hires learn at Crossbeam?

Coming in on your first day at Crossbeam, we will get you comfortable with the product, industry, and terminology as you begin to learn your new role.  For incoming engineers, we built “Crossbeam University,” which helps new hires get acclimated with our tech stack and process. For Sales, we have a demo and CRM certification process that eases you into a client-facing role.

As you become more acquainted with the team and your role, we will continue to help you grow in your career through facilitating internal training, 1:1s with leaders in the company and supporting your participation in external classes and conferences.

We want every new hire to feel comfortable bringing in new ideas and making suggestions to how we can be better. As much as you learn from us, we hope you are able to teach our team as well.


Tips for anyone ready to send their resume over? 

Get familiar with the Crossbeam team and what we’re building. We hire folks who believe in our work and what it offers our partners!

No one shows up to their first day of work knowing all the right answers to the questions they’ll face. And that’s OK. At Crossbeam, we’re looking for people open to learning and growing with our team as we work towards creating a great product. Active learners and doers, please do apply.

We really mean it when we say we’re building an equitable workplace. No matter your background, if you think you can apply your special expertise to Crossbeam’s mission, we want to hear from you.

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