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Passionate about technology?  Do you like shipping software and seeing real results?


If that describes you, you’ll feel right at home at Chariot. We are a tight knit group of software professionals, putting our expertise to work for Philadelphia-area companies every day.  We are software developers, architects, tinkerers, and experts.


We are proud to be a 4 time winner of Philadelphia Top Workplace!


We are looking for seasoned, well-rounded, web-focused developers with experience in front-end JavaScript application development using React. You should have practical experience with the full stack, developing responsive front-end applications, and back-end applications in Java/Spring, Scala or NodeJS.


The skills required for this position include:


  • Excellent problem-solving, communication and analytical skills
  • Experience writing applications in modern JavaScript (ECMAScript 2015+), including arrow functions, classes, let/const, and modules with import/export
  • Thorough understanding of and practical experience with React using ECMAScript 2015+
  • Experience integrating with server-side REST APIs
  • Expertise in implementing UI designs with HTML 5 and CSS 3, working with designers, and optimizing images, animations, accessibility, etc…
  • Experience developing and interfacing with REST endpoints, integrating with application security via JWT and/or CORS , or with push/streaming data with WebSockets and/or other APIs
  • Understanding of responsive design concepts (media queries, designing/implementing applications geared for tablets, mobile devices, desktop browsers, etc.)
  • Ability to debug and unit test front-end applications with Jest or Jasmine, QUnit/Mocha.
  • Ability to configure front-end build environments with Webpack, Browserify, Gulp/Grunt, NPM scripts, etc.
  • Comfort with one or more application development platforms/frameworks: NodeJS with Express or HAPI, Java with Spring/Spring Boot, Scala/Play/Akka, Ruby/Rails, or Python/Django
  • Design skills helpful (design thinking, wireframing, design prototypes, leading meetings, able to turn design ideas into implementations easily)
  • Knowledge of SQL


We work with a wide variety of technologies, and solve an even wider variety of problems. A full stack skill set is vital, as is the ability to pick up and run with new technologies. Our customers bring us in to solve their most challenging problems, guide their teams on new initiatives, and provide expert technology advice.

For example:

  • Energy usage forecasting
  • Video on-demand streaming analytics
  • Real time GPS to road network mapping through noise and data loss
  • Mobile home security and automation applications
  • Clinical trial data management enterprise applications
  • Take a look at some of our case studies


Chariot only hires the best and brightest in the area, and the firm works hard to make sure that its employees stay that way. For example, here are some of the excellent benefits to working at Chariot:


  • We take care of health, dental, and vision insurance, 100% paid for you and your family
  • Maternity, Paternity and Parental Leave
  • Attend an all expenses paid tech conference of your choice every year and opportunities to present at meetups, conferences and run workshops
  • A top of the line MacBook Pro or equivalent
  • Travel opportunities if you want them, and a commitment to local assignments if you don’t
  • Free lunch Fridays when you’re in the office
  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
  • 401K retirement plan
  • Short and Long Term Disability
  • Subsidized gym membership
  • Company stock


Must be authorized to work in the U.S.

This is not a remote position. However, we are open to candidates willing to relocate.

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What opportunities do engineers have to learn and grow at Chariot?

Passionate engineers willing to learn and grow will have plenty of opportunities at Chariot. In addition to working on interesting projects, you can speak at conferences and meetups, help plan the Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise Conference, and be involved in the company's strategic planning efforts.

How much impact can I have on Chariot's success?

At Chariot, your ideas are given a platform. From the time it was established, its direction has come from its employees. As CEO Michael Rappaport will tell you, the only reason Chariot is where it is now is because he listened to his original team members. There are many CEOs who claim an open door policy; at Chariot this is truly a reality.  Their decisions to get into mobile application development, expand into the Internet of Things and open a training practice are just three examples.

Is there a work-life balance at Chariot?

Chariot is committed to employee happiness. They make every attempt possible to balance client commitments with employees' individual needs. Chariot's “people-first” mentality is one of the reasons CEO Michael Rappaport attributes to its repeated listing as the number one Top Workplace at

What's a good sign that I will fit in at Chariot?

According to Rappaport, "if you aren't learning, you aren't happy".. You should have a strong motivation to 'get under the hood' and solve problems for your clients, and be compelled to share your knowledge with others. Their employees work directly with clients, so soft-skills play a strong role.

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