This Q&A features a new employee that Weblinc found via -

This Q&A features a new employee that Weblinc found via

Philadelphia-based software development firm Weblinc was an early adopter of’s employer branding platform Talent.

The company’s talent sourcing team had seen success with our NET/WORK hiring events, and they were interested in how they could increase their talent pipeline by connecting with’s digital audience. Additionally, having the Talent platform meant that they were able to showcase their unique and growing culture with storytelling content, photos and interviews with their team members and more.

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As part of their Talent subscription, Weblinc was able to highlight Senior Project Manager Josie Castaner—who found her new job on— in one of our “Day in the Life” articles, where she shared what her experience has been at Weblinc so far. Here’s a short excerpt:

JC: I was on’s site, looking for jobs at tech companies in Philadelphia. I wasn’t really happy in my position at the time. I come from a heavy software project management background, and I wanted to branch out more from the DevOps projects that I was doing and get back into actual software development. At the time there was nothing available, but I would check back periodically and at the top of the list was an Agile Project Manager opening at WebLinc.

JC: I’m originally from South Carolina, I’ve only been in Philadelphia for three years. There were not a lot of tech companies down south, especially where I’m from. When I first finished school, I started working for a disaster-recovery software company. It was a small start-up only about nine people. What I liked about it was, even though there were only nine of us, we all wore many hats and we got our feet wet with different types of technologies … Mentally, I would always go back to my time working at that startup, thinking: “I want to work somewhere where I have complete autonomy, and I’m able to develop my own processes and procedures, so I can manage my developers in a way that is more motivational than what a lot of corporations have.”

Have a look at the full article here.

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