New opportunities, direct to your inbox -

New opportunities, direct to your inbox

Here’s #impact from Protenus, one from one of our partners in Baltimore. The compliance analytics company raised a $11m Series B round in January 2018, and recently brought on Megan Emhoff as the new VP of People Operations to lead the influx of new people the company would be hiring.

It couldn’t be more exciting to hear that Megan, whose job it is to help find great people to work at the growing company, found her new job via the community.

Here’s what she had to say:

“I connected with my current company by following and reading and its coverage about what Protenus is doing at the niche intersection of cybersecurity and health.

Although I follow several media outlets and publications that provide general tech news, provides local coverage that takes the time to really explore the community and companies in it.

Understanding the local startup ecosystem and finding my next opportunity would have been much more difficult if it wasn’t for the newsletter, sent daily to my inbox.”

Be sure to check out what what we’ve written about the company’s growth over the past couple years.



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