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Notes from readers about how our stories and events have affected them.

"I'm grateful to have an online presence with a trusted, unbiased news source, so people that apply can get an accurate message of who we are."

- Yair Flicker, SmartLogic

"I want to work somewhere where I have complete autonomy, and I’m able to develop my own processes and procedures."

- Josie Castaner, Weblinc

“A lot of [tech jobs] felt like just give relationships. At Chariot Solutions, it feels like a true give and take.”

- Jack Lazorhak, Chariot Solutions

“’s messaging is resonating with jobseekers, and that’s why the quality [of candidates] is so high."

- Karissa Justice, Azavea

“[] attracted a variety of talent beyond those with technical ability. We look for human-minded as much as tech-minded thinkers."

- Sean Astrakhan, Mind over Machines

"Even if the connection [at NET/WORK] doesn't pay off in a week or a month, the relationships you build can have an impact years later."

- Talia Gudelsky, Hero Digital

"Understanding the local startup ecosystem and finding my next opportunity would have been much more difficult if it wasn’t for the newsletter, sent daily to my inbox."

- Megan Emhoff, Protenus

"After the feature, we received numerous submissions from organizations around Philadelphia."

- Cassie Tomkins, Fels Institute of Government

"They're inspiring & leading a shift in the DE culture"

- Brian DiSabatino, EDiS Company

"I got so many letters yesterday I think we're gonna need a bigger mailbox."

- Ryan Epp, Snail Mail Congress

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