Table of Contents -
Tomorrow Toolkit for Entrepreneurs
Table of Contents
  1. Section A: Before You Tell Mom
    • Chapter 1: Discover Your Community

      There are resources all around you. Before you do anything, find out more about what support exists nearby or beyond to help you start right.

    • Chapter 2: Test Your Idea Quickly

      Make a clear case for what your product or business is by defining it. You must address your problem and speak to your (potential) customers or clients as soon as you can. Here are the basics for how.

    • Chapter 3: Find a Cofounder

      First-time founders have much to gain from the support of another. How do you find the right person to join you on your journey?

    • Chapter 4: Incorporate a (Social) Mission

      From the very beginning, think: is there a deeper meaning to how my venture can help my community, my country or the world?

  2. Section B: From Idea to Product
    • Chapter 5: Write a Business Plan

      You can Google the how, but this is the why. Say what you do in a sentence, and let this document say it in detail.

    • Chapter 6: Vet the Marketplace

      Discover and assess how others are delivering similar value. Some will be competitors but others could be potential partners.

    • Chapter 7: Build Your Product

      What are your initial steps to testing and growing your business, focusing on your product or service? This includes pricing and perfecting what you want to do.

  3. Section C: If It’s Good, It Must Grow
    • Chapter 8: Build Revenue From the Start

      How do you get your first 10 customers? Think about consulting to build product or relationships to grow feedback. Then you can grow your business with your own capital under your own control.

    • Chapter 9: Approach a funder (or don’t!)

      What is the right way to meet, connect and pitch venture capitalists or other investors? Perfect just how you pitch someone for capital. And know when you shouldn’t approach at all.

    • Chapter 10: Tell Your Story

      This is how you can improve your chances of getting valuable media coverage. And beyond your first few media hits, how do you better understand how you fit into the world?

  4. Section D: Dreams Are Better Shared
    • Chapter 11: Develop a Culture Worth Joining

      You need to think early and often about making a work environment that is a real community of strength. Think about how to attract team members, who are challenging, diverse and committed.

    • Chapter 12: Network with Purpose

      Building relationships is so much more than a business card exchange. This how you meet future customers, team members and friends. You’ll also find the people who will help you run your business better, like the accountants and lawyers and payroll companies and others who will help support the decisions you’ll have to make. Here’s how.

    • Chapter 13: Choose a Place to Work

      Does a physical footprint matter? What should you think about in making that first move? There has been an explosion of colocation facilities — coworking spaces, incubators, accelerators and other shared work spaces — so how do you choose what’s right for you? How do you know when to get your own office?

  5. Section E: Startups Grow Into Businesses
  6. Section F: Build a Social Venture
  7. Section G: Additional Resources
    • Chapter 22: Additional Resources

      You know how to move forward with building your young business. Here are other tools and sources to be ready for the challenges you know will come.

    • Chapter 23: What's Next

      You’ve read our Toolkit and gotten a sense of what other resources are out there. Now you must take action.

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