Chapter 23: What's Next -
Tomorrow Toolkit for Entrepreneurs
What’s Next By Christopher Wink
You've read our Toolkit and gotten a sense of what other resources are out there. Now you must take action.

You’ve read through this Toolkit. You know about other resources. Guess what, there are no more excuses now: just go do it.

There will never be the right time. There will never be the perfect idea. There will never be the ideal team. Don’t wait for the name or logo or the feedback loop. Begin today. Even if you start in a small way, on the side, with testing and discussion, don’t wait.

You’ll never be great if you don’t start.

And we want to hear your story. If you read through this Toolkit and got inspiration — maybe it helped you with a challenge you were facing or got you excited about a new idea — tell us! Tweet us @technical_ly and use the #TMRWTour16 hashtag. We might even feature you in an upcoming article on how communities are changing.

If you’re interested in the outcomes from our Tomorrow Tour, visit We hope to see you on the road.

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