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Philly’s Women in Tech Summit is expanding to 3 other cities

The four-year-old event, which regularly sells out, has played a role in organizing the women of the local tech community.

At the 2013 Women in Tech Summit in Philly.

(Photo by Corinne Warnshuis)

A pillar of the local tech scene, Philly’s Women in Tech Summit is now branching out to other cities.
The four-year-old event, which regularly sells out, will host its first non-Philly event during Baltimore Innovation Week next month, our sister site Technical.ly Baltimore reported. The summit features female entrepreneurs and technologists speaking about leadership, engineering and career development and has played an important role in organizing the local women in tech community.
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Aside from its fifth-annual summit during Philly Tech Week 2016, the event is also headed to Washington, D.C., and Raleigh, N.C., next spring, said co-organizer Gloria Bell.
It’s not the first time a local project has scaled beyond the city: the Girl Develop It/Code for Philly Open Source Mentorship program also expanded to three other cities, with the help of Code for America.

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