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Welcome to Delaware Innovation Week 2017

It's time to kick off our third annual DIW, and three is a trend.

Welcome to Wilmington.

(Photo by Flickr user Ryan Keene, used under a Creative Commons license)

It’s November in Delaware: time for fall colors, WaWa Gobblers (ordered on technology developed by The Archer Group, of course) and celebrating the state’s tech community.
Delaware Innovation Week 2017, is the third iteration of our weeklong event series, and three is a trend. Three is enough to say that DIW is an established thing, a yearly opportunity to reflect on what’s working in Delaware and what can be improved upon. It’s a time to strengthen the state’s already tight knit, and a chance to establish ties with the new people, spaces and companies that have emerged in the preceding 12 months.
From expansions to local startup hubs to the opening of a new “gym for innovators” to the expression of a shared vision for growth, I would contend that a lot has happened in this community since #DIW16. There’s a lot to catch up on, and a lot to be excited about.
So peruse the #DIW17 calendar and see where you can best fit in. In the First State, there’s room for all of us.
See the #DIW17 calendar
Zack Seward, Editor-in-Chief, and the entire Technical.ly Delaware team

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