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It’s time to rethink tech recruiting [Technical.ly Podcast]

Finding talent needs to be better suited to today's economic realities. Here's how people within academia and the startup world are tackling the issue.

Technical.ly's twist on tech recruiting. The first NET/WORK Philly, February 2014. (Photo by Neal Santos)

If you want an economy for the future, you’re gonna need the right people to lead it.

This month’s Technical.ly Podcast is all about recruiting: on both the macro level (for cities) and the micro level (for companies eyeing the next member of the team).

Within both academia and the private sector, people are thinking about how the process of finding talent needs to be better suited to today’s economic realities.

We speak with the University of California, San Diego’s Mary Walshok, an expert who has weighed the various elements that make up a successful startup scene.

Then it’s a conversation with dating consultant-turned-startup founder Steve Dean. His Jobsuitors wants to be the OkCupid of job recruiting. The idea is get “dealbreakers” on the table from both prospective employees and employers — so that the hiring process is much more transparent and honest.

It all comes as Technical.ly prepares for job fairs in three of its markets. NET/WORK is coming to Philadelphia (Feb. 10), Baltimore (Feb. 19) and Delaware (March 12) in a matter of weeks.

And if you really want to dig in to innovative strategies for hiring top talent, check out our ebook, Beyond Recruiting, which we released last fall.

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