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The Dolphin Tank is coming to TechShop DCA

Register now for a chance to pitch your startup in an atmosphere of friendly feedback.

Feedback will be friendly, like this guy.

(Photo by Flickr user ajmexico, used under a Creative Commons license)

TechShop DCA and Capital One will host a Springboard Dolphin Tank event on Thursday, Nov. 5. The event, held at TechShop’s Arlington location, will feature a round of two- or three-minute elevator-style pitches from selected early-stage startups.
As with all Dolphin Tank pitch events, the focus will be on keeping the evening “helpful” and “feedback-driven.” As the Springboard website declares — “the Dolphin Tank isn’t about Sharks or Dragons or a competition for the best idea, it’s about channeling the expertise of the people in the room to provide connections and advice to help entrepreneurs take the next step.”
Amy Millman, the president and cofounder of Springboard Enterprises, will moderate the event.
Have an idea or a product you’d like friendly feedback on? Register now (registration closes soon) for a chance to be selected to pitch.

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