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Technicolor launches as umbrella org for groups committed to #dctech diversity

Brandon T. Luong and Sibyl Edwards are behind the new initiative.

Technicolor DC wants to do for diversity-in-tech groups what DCFemTech did for women-in-tech groups.

(Photo by Flickr user WOCinTech Chat, used under a Creative Commons license)

The movement for people of color hasn’t taken off yet in #dctech, but that’s all about to change.
This according to Brandon T. Luong who, together with Sibyl Edwards, is launching Technicolor DC — an umbrella organization for groups committed to cultural diversity in the tech space. It’s sort of like DCFemTech, but for people of color.
For the moment, Technicolor is made up of DMV StartupBlack Female Founders (#BFF), Color of TechLatin@s in Tech and Digital Afrikans. As far as any future members go, Luong told Technical.ly in an email that “we want them to have 50 percent people of color on their board and have an initiative to advance cultural diversity.”
“The idea stemmed from both Sibyl’s and my past experience in the DMV realm but it was Sibyl who first reached out to get this done,” he added.
Technicolor will make its official debut at the Multicultural Media, Telecom and Internet Council’s pitch competition reception on Thursday evening. After that, Luong said, “we simply want Technicolor to sit back and watch our members to really push forward in making D.C. brighter for other people.”
This, again, sounds similar to DCFemTech which, aside from hosting a few events and an awards ceremony, mostly exists to support its composite member groups.
Welcome to the community, Technicolor.

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