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This energy nonprofit was already in Nepal. Now it’s doing relief work

SunFarmer has launched an earthquake relief fund to help its staffers mend critical energy infrastructure.

SunFarmer calls three countries home: Canada (by way of Toronto), the United States (by way of Brooklyn) and Nepal, in the various villages where it has installed solar power on the roofs of medical clinics, so they can serve people more safely.
We previously reported on SunFarmer’s successful solar installations at six rural health clinics in the country.
The team based in Nepal got through the earthquake with no injuries. The death toll in the country, however, has surpassed 7,000. SunFarmer is now focusing all of its energies on providing relief to impacted communities, particularly in the area where the organization has the greatest amount of skill: energy.
In an update on its website, SunFarmer explains that breakdowns in local power systems are making it harder to care for the ill and injured, increasing the likelihood of major disease outbreaks. The staffers are now in the field, under guidance from longstanding organizations, to find places where their energy engineering skills can do the most good:

After much discussion with our partners on the ground, we have realized that SunFarmer has an important role to play in rebuilding and reconstruction — we been operating in Nepal for 2 years and will be working there for years to come. In addition, our local office has engineers that will be best placed to provide technical expertise in this time of need.
We have heard from our partners that lights and clean water are needed immediately, particularly in rural areas. Health clinics are running out of diesel fuel and need backup sources of power.
We are starting the SunFarmer Earthquake Fund. 100% of these donations will going directly towards electrical systems, which we will provide free of charge to support critical relief efforts.

SunEdison, the main sponsor of SunFarmer, has committed 20 solar systems, free of charge, to the relief effort.
In related news, CartoDB is building an updated collection of Nepal-related maps that its community is making. Additionally, a handful of Brooklyn coworking sites are doing their part to raise money for various relief efforts.

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