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A Timonium warehouse will be a STEM playground this weekend

Sunday's event offers a sneak peek of next year's robotics season — and indoor drone racing. It's a next step for the Baltimore Robotics Club.

Baltimore City Robotics Center. (Photo by Stephen Babcock)

The Baltimore Robotics Club is hosting STEM Fest on Sunday, June 4, at a building on Greenspring Drive in Timonium.
“Our goal with the event is to provide parents, students, educators and school administrators with an opportunity to see what’s currently available in the way of STEM activities and training, and also give them a glimpse of the future,” Robotics Club cofounder Tim Rhode said.
There’s an event within the event for local robotics teams. The fest will be the site of Baltimore’s annual “First Look” at next season’s VEX robotics challenges. Rhode said it’s “the first opportunity to come and try out their ideas,” and begins the iteration process heading into the fall season.
“Typically the teams that start the earliest are the ones that fare the best as the season goes on,” he said.
Another first for the area is indoor drone racing. Following up on the debut of Baltimore’s league outside at Open Works, Global Air Media is bringing a course under the roof.
Elsewhere, BalitVirtual will be demonstrating augmented and virtual reality, and 3D printers will be on hand.
The Robotics Club is the outreach arm of the Baltimore City Robotics Center in Southwest Baltimore, and provides coaching in nine schools as well as other programming. The event is another step, and Rhode said they’ve been busy getting the “not-so-empty warehouse” ready.

“The building is going through a transformation right now,” he said.

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