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These 30+ startups are getting free space and support via CIC’s 36for75 program

Cambridge Innovation Center's winning founders and their companies represent a range of industries including tourism, cosmetics, consulting services and tech.

Black and Mobile founders. (Photo courtesy of CIC)

In October, coworking space Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) began its search for 36 startups looking to expand their footprint and impact on Philly’s startup scene.

3675 Market St.-based CIC was specifically looking for young, mission-driven companies in need of “space, support and opportunity,” and it’s since found 31 companies (and a handful of other entrepreneurs) to share its resources via the 36for75 program.

The winners gained free coworking space, programming, networking, wellness and concierge services, and access to conference rooms and fully stocked kitchens in CIC’s 138,000-square-foot space for the next 75 days.

“When we entered this market a year and a half ago, we found a city filled with talent and creativity but lacking opportunity for diverse individuals to receive the nurturance and support to grow their enterprises,” said Sally Guzik, director of CIC, in a statement.

Each 36for75 applicant was asked to submit a one-minute video about their business plan, vision, and local and global impact.

The founders and their companies represent a range of industries including tourism, cosmetics, consulting services and tech. Some are closer to the idea stage of their ventures, while others have a few years under their belt.

Food delivery startup Black & Mobile, for instance, started by David and Aaron Cabello, delivers meals from Black-owned restaurants across the city, and is expanding its services to Detroit.

The pair was chosen for the 36for76 program, and are currently hiring about 20 more delivery people.

“Our city is 40% Black but less than 3% of its businesses are Black-owned,” David Cabello said. “Our mission is to help save our businesses and show our young people they can be entrepreneurs.”

Greg Yeutter, founder of the Bedtime Bulb, a lightbulb created to reduce blue light exposure before sleeping, was also chosen to spend the next few months at CIC.

“The whole community is valuable; it offers mentorship and advice from others who have been where you are,” Yeutter said. 

Munir Pathak, creator of Swirl, a Slack application meant to build a sense of inclusion in the workplace, also felt the coworking and resource sharing was helping him build a better community in the startup space.

“I’ve been building relationships with other entrepreneurs and feeding off of the strong energy everyone has for their projects,” the founder said.

Other companies participating in CIC’s 36for75 program are:

  • Urbinvest
  • Versa
  • Christ Centered Church
  • Go Believe
  • Birdseye
  • B.E. Creative Marketing Studio
  • Xavi Row
  • Transition Pathways
  • New Freedom Institute
  • Mel’s Butter Blends
  • Dyslequity
  • Revit Gods
  • Mindsets 4 Success
  • NewCo/Upper Events
  • Unified Web Media
  • Coaching + The Dreams to Founder
  • Gameplan/Conamayers Inc.
  • Revive Radio
  • Jen Devor Consulting
  • Find Your Crowds
  • 7D Variety
  • Mom Your Business
  • Williams Autonetics
  • eCLOSE Institute
  • Philly Talent
  • Passion Link
  • Lola Ivory Productions
  • Bellatrix Group
  • SpotScore
Companies: Swirl / Cambridge Innovation Center

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