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Zip Code Wilmington’s newest hire gave us the inside scoop on the program’s interview process

Samuel Hanna replaced Dominique Clarke as the coding school's community marketing manager. “It’s everything I’ve been looking forward to in a career, instead of just a job,” he said.

Zip Code Wilmington's Samuel Hanna's got a personality.

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While Dominique Clarke quietly left to explore opportunities in Austin, Zip Code Wilmington set on a search for the next community engagement manager. The position even took on a different name, it is now community marketing manager, which feels indicative of the school’s changing structure, as it works more closely with Wilmington University.
Then along came Samuel Hanna, Zip Code’s newest hire. With a background in IT sales and marketing, Hanna is tasked with bringing in as many qualified applicants as possible. Or, as he describes it, it’s about telling the story.
“I was told I had some pretty big shoes to fill,” said Hanna.
Since he acts as the first level of contact for interested applicants, we asked him for some tips for those unfamiliar with the application process.
Once Hanna completes the screening, applicants come in for a group interview where they’re assigned a problem that they’re not exactly expected to solve. It’s a test for team-working skills and to see a candidate’s thought pattern. The applicants are then evaluated for the next step: individual interviews. Throughout this rigorous process, only 10 percent of the applicants have gotten in so far.
That’s because 30 students is the program’s capacity. “But we’re considering adding smaller, bite-sized classes for our program next year,” he said.
Hanna is looking forward to contributing more to the school through his position.
“It’s an affordable alternative, it’s had a substantial impact on people’s lives. It’s everything I’ve been looking forward to in a career, instead of just a job,” he explained.
He’s also happy to be involved with the Wilmington tech community and looks up to Clarke’s legacy.
She was very much involved in the community,” he said. “It’s something I’ve been working on so far.”
He continued: “There’s a lot happening but you kinda wouldn’t know it if you didn’t work here. So many large businesses in Wilmington, it’s got a small town vibe but has a lot of money. I’m proud to be here, I can tell you that. I’m proud of what I do and who I work with.”
His favorite part about the area?
“I can cross the street without the fear of being crushed by a car.”
Hanna’s arrival marks the second new hire of the year.


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