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Here are the nominees for the 2016 Delaware Innovation Awards

Thirteen different categories have been chosen with many qualified nominees in the game. Here's who made the cut.

Here are the 2015 Delaware Innovation Awards, 3D-printed by Barrel of Makers. (Photo courtesy of Barrel of Makers)

Every year, we honor the most promising individuals, companies and initiatives in the Delaware tech scene at the Delaware Innovation Awards. This year, we’ve amassed nominations for 13 different categories and we couldn’t be more proud of our community.
Check the list below and cast your vote for the best and brightest of Delaware’s innovation ecosystem. Then join us at Delaware Innovation Week’s Innovation Celebration event on Nov. 18 to see who won.
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1. Entrepreneur of the Year:

2. Sciences Group of the Year:

  • Greenhill Pharmacy
  • MySherpa
  • White Dog Labs

3. Tech Startup of the Year:

4. Technologist of the Year:

5. Tech Business of the Year:

6. Innovative Corporate of the Year:

7. Tech Mission Org of the Year:

8. Dev Product of the Year:

9. Design/Dev Firm of the Year:

10. Colocation Community of the Year:

11. Indie Video Game of the Year:

12. Innovative Creative Group of the Year:

13. Tech Meetup of the Year:

Companies: COAKT / DLHcad / Vibrating Therapeutic Apparel / Avkin / WhyFly / Möbius New Media / Counsl / The Mill / Delaware Libraries / The Barn / Zip Code Wilmington / The Kitchen / 1313 Innovation / Squatch Creative / New Castle County Chamber of Commerce / Girl Develop It / Archer Group / Technical.ly

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