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LendEDU Report: Nearly half of college students believe their loans will be forgiven

Cofounder Nate Matherson spoke to Broadway World (yes, the theater news site) about a recent poll the formerly Delaware-based startup conducted for Financial Aid Awareness Month.


(Photo by Flickr user Pictures of Money, used under a Creative Commons license)

Update: Rather than send you to Broadwayworld.com, we added coverage from the NY Post.

When we caught up with the Delaware-grown, Hoboken, New Jersey-based startup LendEDU recently, cofounder Nate Matherson told us the young company is moving from “a marketplace for student loans to a marketplace for making good financial decisions.”
The startup has been pumping out reports on their blog. A recent report that polled 500 current college students on the financial aid process caught the eye of Geeks World, an offshoot of theater site Broadway World (we’re confused, too). Here’s what Matherson said:
“We were very surprised to find that 49.8 percent of college students believe that they will be helped by federal student loan forgiveness programs after graduation and that 64 percent of college students incorrectly believe that it is possible to refinance student loan debt with the federal government.”
And, if you don’t want to go to Broadway World, check out this NY Post feature (and find the actual report below).
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