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The latest Technical.ly Podcast tackles tech recruiting

ZeroFOX gets a shoutout, plus details about NET/WORK.

The crowd at NET/WORK Baltimore 2014, the tech jobs fair. (Photo by Daniel Hess)

It’s a given that innovation transforms what industries produce. The latest Technical.ly Podcast explores one area where tech can change the way industries act: job recruiting.
Hosts Chris Wink and Zack Seward aren’t proposing a big data platform that erases the need for job fairs. Instead, they’re talking to the people who are thinking (and rethinking) how to recruit tech talent — and what’s important about the process.
Plus, there’s plenty of relevant reference points for the Baltimore tech scene. Here are three:

  • The story of ZeroFOX’s formation and rapid growth forms the foundation of the episode
  • There are details about the Baltimore edition of NET/WORK, Technical.ly’s spin on a new kind of job fair (coming Feb. 19!)
  • At last, get introduced to the wing man who’s equipped to help you find a job (and a date)

Happy listening!

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