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We want to do a better job connecting East Coast tech communities and think this is a fun way to do it.

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We’re launching this public Slack group to bring together the four core geographies that Technical.ly covers outside of D.C., sharing a wider focus on innovation communities around the country. We want to do a better job connecting these communities and think this is a fun way to do it. It’s about sharing best practices, meeting smart people and getting to know what makes tech communities tick.
Several D.C. leaders are already here, including the District’s Director of Tech Innovation, Matt Bailey, who’s sharing wisdom on civic hacking.
If you don’t know Slack, it’s a chat room for communities that has really exploded in the startup/tech world: companies use it to communicate, and some community-building organizations, like Technical.ly, are beginning to use the platform to bring people together.
Here are a few ways you can connect with community members in the Technical.ly Slack:

  • Discuss technology trends across the Northeast Corridor.
  • Share interesting tidbits from events you attend.
  • Talk shop with the community.
  • Coordinate offline meetups and collaborations.
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