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Help us plan Philly Tech Week 2018

Remember when you said you wanted to get involved with Philly Tech Week? This public planning event on Tuesday, Nov. 28 is for you.

At the 2016 Help Plant PTW event.

(Photo by Molly Rose)

After a few years in the game of managing the beautiful beast that is the Philly Tech Week community calendar, there are two trends I’ve personally picked up on:

1. Y’all are awesome.

  • By the time the whirlwind of PTW planning is finished in late April, we have dozens of fantastic events on the community calendar. It’s always a treat getting to witness and participate in the months of correspondence that’s required to pull off a quality event. This community works to get it done. We’ve noticed.

2. Y’all are busy.

  • Every year we try to give ample time to get Philly Tech Week on folks’ radar to avoid a last minute rush. Still, we get heavy showers of participant interest up until the week before with cries of Not Enough Notice.

Thank us later for the extra time. The curated calendar in 2017 filled up before the deadline to submit. We’re giving you all an additional month to get your event submitted, approved and onto the calendar to promote to the masses.

Getting started with your #PTW18 involvement starts with our Help Plan PTW18 event, a true community endeavor. RSVP below.


Similarly to last year’s format, we’ll be opening the floor up to event organizers with event plans they’d like to share with the community. There is a bit more formality, as we can queue up a visual for organizers to share as they give their presentation. If your event is still merely an idea, of course you’re welcome to present open-mic style to gauge interest in collaboration.

You can submit your event pitch here. We’ll be in touch to confirm your attendance and give you a spot in line to present.

This event isn’t only for event organizers. We’re inviting anyone who wants to contribute to what PTW is — or should be. The weeklong celebration of tech and innovation is fueled by hundreds of partners who not only host events for the community calendar, but offer their offices/coworking spaces as event venues, give discounts to participating organizations, volunteer their time and much more to assist in bolstering Philly’s success.

That means everyone’s invited.

Stay tuned for the official call-out for Philly Tech Week 2018 event submissions coming early December.

Can’t say we didn’t warn ya!

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