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Here are the best tech companies for people of color

Good for POC is out to find the most diversity-minded workplaces in the tech world. Here are the results.

Catt Small, the brains behind the game.

(Photo by Tyler Woods)

Good for POC launched this week and it’s turned out to be a great repository of information for people of color looking for good, healthy work in the tech world.
A few months ago, a trio of people of color decided that something needed to change. Too often were tech companies comprised entirely or nearly entirely of white guys, and it just wasn’t fair (still isn’t!). In a world where “company culture” can just mean that new hires look and act like the people who hired them, Catt Small, Amelie Lamont and Jacky Alcine decided to crowdsource information from Black and brown people on the web about where is good to work and why.
Here are a few companies they found that were good for people of color. There are plenty more on the group’s site.


  • “Intel has taken feedback from people of color seriously. They are working to add programming to really educate and promote inclusivity. The person who submitted Intel mentioned that the company feels ‘SO much different from my last company’ in a good way – they are listening and making changes.”

Dev Bootcamp

  • “Dev Bootcamp has an ‘active and respected Diversity Circle’ that ‘processes tensions around diversity and recommends institutional changes as needed’. In addition to the Diversity Circle, there are also other initiatives: students of color have tri-weekly PoC lunches to caucus and connect around the realities of being underrepresented in tech; scheduling is modular and highly flexible to allow for team members to handle human obligations outside of work as others temporarily pick up the slack.”


  • “The CEO came from Twitter and is very aware and focused on diversity due to such a lack of it during his time there. He doesn’t want to be yet another startup with a bunch of white dudes. Focus is on bringing in more female engineers, as well as non-white employees altogether. So far the team is made of Brazilian, Hungarian, Indian, Pakistani, and White.”


  • “Transparency. Quarterly dinners where any staff member can ask questions and call out issues they see in the company. Yearly surveys to measure staff happiness and effectiveness of diversity and inclusion efforts.”
(Infographic courtesy of Good for POC)

(Infographic courtesy of Good for POC)


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