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This Drexel student org is offering tech help with a ‘Community Genius Bar’

Just like the Apple Store, but without the appointments. It's an effort by TechServ on Aug. 6.

Fix a PC, solve the digital divide? Well, it's a start.

(Photo courtesy of TechServ)

Within the walls of Drexel University, there’s a student organization called TechServ whose mission is simple: fix computers, donate them to nonprofits and teach computer literacy to help bridge the digital divide.
The group’s roots go all the way back to 1984, when a student group called DUsers was put together. It’s been dubbed the first computer-related student organization at Drexel.
When the group was officially disbanded in 2004, TechServ — which was founded in 2002 — inherited the remaining equipment and carried on its mission of bridging the digital divide.

Like the Apple store, but without the appointments. (Courtesy image)

A TechServ flier. (Courtesy image)

TechServ’s team of technicians are getting together on Saturday, Aug. 6, to offer free tech support and advice under a format they’ve called the Community Genius Bar. Just like at the Apple store, minus the chaos.
From 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., the TechServ team will be at People’s Emergency Center, located at 329 N. 39th St.
The organization also takes in equipment donations, provided they comply with a few specifications. Click here to find out if that old laptop you have in the basement could be of help to someone in need.

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