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Cool Talk Alert: Cancer researcher made art out of advanced technologies

Head down to Genspace on Thursday evening to hear a former artist-in-residence at Memorial Sloan Kettering.

Genspace gene stuff. (Courtesy image)

Head down to Genspace Thursday evening to hear and see a wonderful-sounding mixture of art and science at Cells, Particles & the Production of Futures.
According to Genspace, the projects will “explore experimental cancer treatment using nanoparticles and nanoparticle based drugs for photothermal therapy. The projects are based on tissue culture, drug testing and new ways of invention on a massive scale; using computational chemistry and Artificial Intelligence.”
Um, cool.
They will be presented by Matej Vakula, who was the artist-in-residence at the Center for Molecular Imaging and Nanotechnology at the Sloan-Kettering Cancer Research Center; Daniel Heller, the Assistant Member in the Molecular Pharmacology Program and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Pharmacology at Weill Cornell Medical College of Cornell University; and Yosef Shamay, a research fellow at Sloan Kettering.
The event is free and open to the public.

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